Automation In Welding: Hornet Cutting Systems

Automation In Welding: Hornet Cutting Systems

Look no further if you are searching for the best strategies to improve the quality of cutting in your industry at an affordable rate with exceptional ease while in usage. Experts in the nexAir team introduce a leading CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting solution that provides you with the best products and services your industry would need to Forge Forward.

This article gives an overview of how helpful the Hornet cutting system is to the welding automation and metal fabrication industry.

Hornet Cutting Systems
Cutting is the process of dividing an object. It is considered an essential process in the manufacturing of sheets to size, elimination of waste resources, making weld joint preparations, and the elimination of defects. The process of cutting can be done by using several strategies, such as:

  • Mechanical (used in drilling, sawing, shearing, punching, and machining)
  • Thermal (used in laser cutting, plasma, oxygen cutting, spark erosion)
  • Hydraulic (used in water and abrasive water jet cutting)

Relevance of Automation for Cutting and Welding Process
Automation has become essential for all industries today. The increment of fast-developing companies has drastically led to increased competition which calls for automation in fabrication industries associated with metal cutting and welding.

Using the nexAir KnowHow, You can easily automate most processes in the fabrication industries technically. The accuracy, efficiency, consistency, and quality are possible with automation. This generates higher incomes for these manufacturing industries. Globally the primary foundation for automating in industries is motion control. The drastic growth of technology has widened the area of applying automation. 

Automation generally improves productivity, offers outstanding product quality safety of the workers, and reduces the number of waste resources and errors that are likely to occur in the manufacturing process.

Automation in Welding
Welding is merging two or more pieces of metal to become a single piece. Welding automation involves using robots to improve the performance of the manufacturing of welds. It consists of using a machine, usually the robot, to carry out several tasks associated with production in industries, thereby making the result more reliable and of better quality. Thus, helping your company Forge Forward.

Metal Fabrication
In every household and industry, metal plays a vital role in people’s daily lives, from home appliances to work appliances, office desks, chairs, utensils, etc. Metal is the balancing element that makes our daily activities convenient and comfortable. Metal fabrication develops metal shapes by cutting, bending, and unifying the process.

How is The Hornet Cutting System Helpful To The Metal Fabrication Industry?
Cutting is common to numerous manufacturing industries around the globe. The cutting process is the splitting of a metal workpiece into smaller sections. Sawing is the oldest cutting technique; modern techniques include plasma arc cutting, laser cutting, water jet cutting, etc. The Hornet cutting system offers health and secured hazards from hurtful materials, excessive heat, and noise. 

Cutting systems helps to release workers of excess workload promote accuracy and efficiency. These automation cutting machines are large and not flexible; hence the rate of productivity is increased since they are in a definite area.

Industrial machines (or robots) are now more preferable by manufacturers in cutting automation. These robots can carry out a variety of tasks with accuracy and precision. The Hornet cutting system is an excellent way to increase your company’s credibility and efficiency. Let nexAir, using their standard information and KnowHow, help take you to the next level in automation.


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