Automation Options at nexAir

There are many benefits when it comes to automation. Automation can streamline tedious processes and result in a higher output and increased productivity. Over time, automation can help operating costs and employee workload decrease dramatically. With a nationwide shortage of labor, automation makes sense for most manufacturers to pursue. Plus, the automation tools we offer at nexAir require little to no installation, take up minimal space, and are very easy for anyone to learn and operate!

When it comes to welding automation, we suggest the versatile Vectis Cobot Welding Tool. This is an automation tool that runs on collaborative robot, or cobot, technology. There are many pre-made templates available and high-quality graphics within the program, so it’s easy to understand and get the welding process going! No previous programming experience is required to operate this machine. The Vectis has a quick installation and can be put into production in a matter of hours, plus at only 3 feet by 6 feet, it takes up very little space on the floor. Owning the Vectis comes with little risk — we offer a 30-day return program and a rent-to-own option!

Another automation tool we offer is the LightWeld. This laser welder uses preset parameters to ensure a strong, clean weld with ease. Even novice welders can achieve a high-quality weld with the LightWeld. The base connects to a computer via ethernet, so a constant connection to the vast library of advanced parameters is never broken. Plus, the LightWeld is over four times faster than TIG welding, resulting in a much higher output with consistent results, by both new and seasoned welders! The LightWeld also works on a wider range of materials and thicknesses with minimal distortion, undercut or burn-through.

When it comes to plasma cutting, we offer a high-quality cutting machine from Hornet Cutting Systems: The Mini Hornet, an industry-leading CNC cutting solution. This system is available in two sizes, 4 feet by 4 feet and 4 feet by 8 feet. While the Mini Hornet takes up little space, it has a very high output. This machine is very low maintenance and can get running on day one right out of the box! Heavy-duty construction provides a fully supported base for precise cuts and movement. The software includes complete CAD/CAM/CNC capabilities as well. If you’re looking for consistent results, look no further than the Mini Hornet.

Automation just makes sense as we Forge Forward into the future. We have the KnowHow to ensure that you benefit from automation in your work, and the equipment for your specific needs. Plus, join one of our many Demo Days and let us show you exactly how you can make the most out of automation. We are more than a gas and product supplier – we have the knowledge, technology, and techniques to assist you with the latest and greatest in automated welding, cutting, and beyond. Give us a call today for more information on how your manufacturing can be streamlined with automation!

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