Become an Industry Expert with nexAir Training

Become an industry expert with nexAir training

Become an Industry Expert with nexAir Training

Purchasing the right equipment is the first step in helping your business become more profitable. But, after you make the purchase and seal the deal, what happens next? At nexAir, we apply our KnowHow to help you and your team Forge Forward in every project you tackle through our Advanced Welding and Cutting Demonstration Labs.

Hands-on training for everyone!

We get it – becoming an expert does not happen overnight. That is why we provide our customers with classroom and hands-on training for various topics and pieces of equipment. Our nexAir team has years of industry experience and lots of firsthand experience. With that comes trial and error, learning from mistakes and tips and tricks that allow for the best end results. It is our goal to relay this information to you, so you and your employees can be more efficient and profitable from the start. Our Advanced Welding and Cutting Demonstration Labs is the best place for you to come and not only watch us demonstrate how to use the equipment, but also be able to work the equipment yourself and get questions answered before you make a purchase. The lab is filled with the latest technologies and is primarily built for the jobs that you are doing today.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • Laser welding and cutting systems
  • State-of-the-art pulsed-MIG, TIG, sub-arc equipment, and MIG welding
  • CNC-controlled cutting tables
  • Robotic work cells
  • Automation systems
  • Robotic positioning equipment
  • Plasma cutting systems

What’s in It for You

As we previously mentioned, this is the best way for you and your employees to learn the latest welding techniques while using the latest welding gear. The equipment that we use in-lab is equipment that we sell. So, whether you already have purchased one of our systems, or are wanting to learn more before you do, this is a great place to get all of your questions answered. Ensuring that your employees are properly trained on all of the equipment that they use not only helps them gain new skills and become more efficient, but it helps you and your business become more profitable by saving time and extra money on training sessions down the line.

Forge Forward with nexAir

At nexAir, we don’t just want to sell equipment, then leave you hanging dry. Our main focus is to make sure that you can be as efficient as possible with the equipment that you purchase. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we have everything you need to Forge Forward as smoothly as possible and in little time. We encourage you to invest in your business through the nexAir Advanced Welding and Cutting Demonstration Labs and make the most of the latest technologies and equipment. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have, or if you are ready to get started on your training today!

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