Behind the Scenes at nexAir’s Demo Days: Unveiling the Future of Welding



Behind the Scenes at nexAir’s Demo Days: Unveiling the Future of Welding


Over hundreds of years, welding has become a critical process in some of the world’s most important industries—from aerospace and automotive to construction and manufacturing, to name a few.

It is estimated that the global welding market is expected to be worth $28.66 billion by 2028 as urbanization progresses at an unprecedented rate across the world.

Keeping up to date about the future of welding is thus crucial for any future-ready company, professional, or industry leader who is committed to Forge Forward. And there’s no better way to stay abreast of the latest developments than through a nexAir Demo Day.

What Is a nexAir Demo Day?

Since the 1940s, nexAir has been a leading supplier of welding supplies and industrial gas across the Southeast. Over the years, we’ve shared our KnowHow with industries, helping them Forge Forward with higher productivity and the latest technology. 

At nexAir Demo Days, customers are invited to view and sample some of the latest technologies in the welding world, courtesy of our key vendors. All the featured products are new to the market and play a pivotal part in automated welding. 

nexAir’s Latest Automation Equipment

The use of robotic welding has been explored as far back as the 1960s but is rapidly ramping up in a big way. Automated processes are known to improve the speed and quality of welds while freeing up welders’ time so they can focus on more creative processes.

At nexAir’s Demo Days, customers can sample three of our latest automation products and more. 

ALM Positioners 

The latest ALM positioners are tools that boost productivity levels by up to 40%. The device is ergonomically designed and highly customizable depending on the workshop’s needs.

Positioners also offer improved safety levels, an increased return on investment, and improved weld quality for beginner and highly skilled welders.  


The IPG lightweld is a handheld laser welding and cleaning system that is extremely easy to learn and operate. nexAir clients who have made the switch to an automated IPG LightWELD system experienced an increase in weld quality and speeds that are up to 4x faster than TIG. All these gains can be had without having to train and hire a new set of skilled employees.

Vectis Cobot 

The Vectis Cobot is ushering in a revolution in robotic welding, helping manufacturers boost productivity, address the shortage of skilled welders, and reduce the learning curve for crucial processes. The portable welding tool is easy to set up, comes with little to no safety risks, and greatly reduces costs. 

While these automated systems are a big draw for most of our customers, at Demo Days, you can also learn more about operating and setting up each of these products. At nexAir, we make training your employees a priority. 

How to attend a demo day? 

nexAir Demo Days are held at multiple locations across the Southeast. Visit nexAir’s website for more specific information based on your location.

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