Beyond the Horizon: How nexAir Anticipates and Adopts Emerging Technologies for Clients



Beyond the Horizon: How nexAir Anticipates and Adopts Emerging Technologies for Clients



nexAir understands the importance of leveraging technologies for business success. As a forward-thinking company, our business is built on anticipating our clients’ needs and proactively presenting them with tech-enabled solutions.

Throughout the years, there have been many instances when our KnowHow involved solving problems and boosting efficiency to make life easier for the customers we serve.

Here are three examples of how we’ve anticipated and adopted emerging technologies for clients.

How nexAir KnowHow Has Helped Clients Forge Forward

Our KnowHow is more than a catchphrase. It’s at the heart of what we do. It refers to our applied industry knowledge and the way we proactively work with clients to help them boost efficiency, increase profitability, and achieve overall growth.

An excellent example is how we helped Lewis M Carter (LMC) Manufacturing realize the potential of laser welding systems. After noticing a growing demand for food-grade equipment, they consulted nexAir for welding solutions. Our Territory Manager, understood that the company would need to use TIG welding to fuse thin gauge stainless parts. It was a process that required more time and more skill to execute.

After a thorough analysis, we recommended the IPG LightWELD laser welding system, a new product that had only been introduced in 2020. After doing a demonstration, the LMC team was able to produce quality welds quickly without having to outsource the process or hire additional manpower. 

Since acquiring their first LightWELD system from us, LMC has purchased five more and continues to use them in their daily operations.

Embracing Automation

We have helped many companies transition to automation over the years. Automation is an emerging technology that has the ability to deliver:

  • Consistent welds
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced workloads
  • Better job satisfaction
  • Enhanced employee safety
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower environmental footprint

In addition, it’s a smart way to address the shortage of welders in the country.

Our automated welding solutions include the Vectis Cobot Welding Tool, the LightWELD, and nexAir Cutting Systems. You can learn more about them by attending one of our Demo Days

How nexTrack Delivers an Innovative Customer Experience

Innovation is embedded not just in the equipment, supplies, and training we offer customers, but in how we deliver our services. Our proprietary nexTrack technology offers comprehensive and convenient solutions that enhance the customer experience.

Comprised of three different technologies—Roadnet, ACM (Advanced Cylinder Management), and TIMS Electronic Delivery (TED)—it provides transparency, real-time updates, and accurate paperless documentation. 

This means that you’ll know where the supplies you ordered are at all times and will be able to keep track of cylinders across production facilities. Meanwhile, TED enables you to receive urgent orders more quickly while giving you a convenient way to store and access all your nexAir transactions.

Boldly Step Into the Future with nexAir

With nexAir as your partner, you’ll never get left behind. In addition to supplying gases, welding equipment, and training, we keep a close eye on emerging technologies that can help ensure your competitiveness and success. 

So, why be afraid of the future? With us, you can embrace it and make the latest technologies work to your advantage. 

Learn more about how you can innovate with nexAir by calling 888-639-2474 or sending us a message.

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