Bubbling Success: Transforming Beverages with nexAir’s Carbon Dioxide Solutions

Bubbling Success: Transforming Beverages with nexAir’s Carbon Dioxide Solutions

Did you know that carbon dioxide (CO2) has a lot more roles than just being a greenhouse gas? It’s true, carbon dioxide has found its way into the beverage industry, transforming the way that we get to enjoy our favorite drinks. At nexAir, we are proud to be a leading provider of industrial gases, such as CO2, and to be at the forefront of revolutionizing beverages with innovative solutions and years of industry learned KnowHow. Keep reading as we give some of our insight on carbon dioxide’s role in the bubbling success of the beverage industry. 


What is carbon dioxide and what are its main uses? 

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless and non-flammable gas at normal temperature and pressure. A molecule of carbon dioxide is made up of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. CO2 is an important heat-trapping gas, also known as a greenhouse gas and has many industrial uses including but not limited to: 


  • Blast chilling
  • Carbonating beverages
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Welding


At nexAir, we provide our customers with CO2 in a variety of cylinders and gas mixtures to best suit each industry’s needs and it is available in liquid and gaseous forms. 


Carbon Dioxide in Beverages

It may come as a surprise, but carbon dioxide plays a crucial role in the way carbonated drinks come about. When the CO2 is dissolved in water, it creates the bubbles that make carbonated drinks so enjoyable. At nexAir, we have used innovative solutions to revolutionize the industry by providing the highest quality CO2 obtained as a byproduct from various industrial processes. This allows us to reduce environmental impact while also ensuring a reliable supply for our customers. At nexAir, our sustainable approach has made us a preferred choice for many different beverage manufacturers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint while never reducing the quality or taste of their products. 


We Choose Quality 

Our solutions have not only made beverages more sustainable, but also have enhanced their quality tremendously. The purity and consistency of the carbon dioxide we supply are some of the most crucial factors in ensuring the desired carbonation levels and tastes of the beverages. By incorporating new technology and state-of-the-art practices and techniques, our team removes any impurities that may be there, before it arrives to the customer. This results in a clean and refreshing carbonation experience from the start. Along with that, the control over our CO2 levels allows our beverage manufacturers to create a large variety of carbonated drinks with consistent quality, further leading to customer satisfaction and company loyalty. 


Together, we can continue to Forge Forward and revolutionize the beverage industry, one sip at a time. If you and your team are ready to get started with a steady, high-quality supply of carbon dioxide for your beverage production, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to answer any questions you may have and get you started today. 


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