Careers at nexAir

Careers at nexAir

Working at nexAir is one of the best things for your career. At nexAir, we strongly believe in teamwork and building upon each other’s growth. We seek to establish a vibrant and knowledgeable team that understands our product lines in order to deliver good quality service to our customers. 

We value and appreciate all our employees because you are the basis of attracting and retaining customers. Our approach to attracting the best employees is to have a rich and diverse culture, offer top benefits, and encourage professional growth. In other words, we are here to build your future. 

Why work at our company?

When you choose to work at nexAir, you get to enjoy benefits designed for you and your family.

#1: Competitive pay

We know that you have financial plans. It is within our interest to make sure that you are well paid for your skills, which in turn facilitates your financial planning. 

When you work at nexAir, you can be sure that you are getting the most competitive salary in comparison to other players in the industry. Our salaries are above standard because we know with better pay, you will have less financial burden on your shoulders. 

Our competitive pay extends beyond just money. We stand out by giving our employees earned bonuses and benefits that they value. We first seek to understand what keeps you happy and motivated in order to compensate you accordingly. 

#2: Comprehensive retirement plan

Retirement planning is an important undertaking that you can expect nexAir to help you with every step of the way. We want to make sure that you have a comfortable life upon retirement.

A conversation on retirement has many unknown facts. As much as it is ideal for you to retire only once, it means you lack the experience of what to expect. That is where our retirement plan becomes helpful. 

We work with you to fill retirement gaps and respond to questions related to life insurance, 401(k), Roth conversion, saving, and much more. 

#3: Substantial vacation and leave

We do not want you to experience burnout. nexAir has favorable HR policies in relation to vacation and leave. We know that when you take some time away from work, you can enjoy physical and mental health benefits.

We encourage all our employees to take leaves and go on vacation. Doing so ensures you have less stress, motivation to achieve your goals, and a better outlook on life. 

Working with us means you have a better work-life balance and boosted happiness. 

#4: Tuition reimbursement to further education

The personal and professional growth of each employee at our company matters a lot. We have a tuition reimbursement program that ensures you learn as much as you wish to further your career at nexAir.

For us, facilitating your tuition is a win-win. As you gain more knowledge, we are confident of earning your sense of loyalty to the company, and we will help grow your career accordingly.


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