Catalyzing Scientific Discovery: How nexAir’s Pure Gases Fuel University Research

Catalyzing Scientific Discovery: How nexAir’s Pure Gases Fuel University Research

If there’s one thing that university analytical or research labs value over the rest, it’s accuracy. So, in order to get the most out of their experimentation, these labs must rely on a supplier that offers the highest quality of products, as well as the right KnowHow to lead the way.

Since the 1940s, nexAir has filled this role across the Southeast. Not only do we ensure working professionals across industries Forge Forward with our products, but we have also been making our mark on university research with our ultra-pure gases.

Let’s take a closer look at how.

How nexAir Drives University Research 

At nexAir, we value safety above all else. As we know, experimentation isn’t without its risks, especially when dealing with high-pressure and flammable cylinders.

But by working with a trusted supplier like nexAir, universities can go a long way in ensuring the safety of their staff and students in a laboratory setting. We’re known for our commitment to comply with all the latest protocols and regulations, after all. 

That said, the most crucial advantage that nexAir brings to the research process is our product. At nexAir, each of our ultra-pure gases and custom gas blends comes with its own certificate of analysis, signed off by a specialist.

These gases and unique mixtures help maintain the integrity of all experimentation by reducing variables and eventually allow for more precise manufacturing processes. 

The Role of nexAir’s Gases  

Here are some of the most crucial gases we supply and the applications they have in research laboratories:

  • Argon: Is used in specific particle physics experiments and in the formation of certain crystals. It also finds applications in several analytical instruments.
  • Carbon Dioxide: CO2 is stored in labs to be used in incubators. It is a useful agent to promote bacteria, animal, or plant cell growth and can also be used in certain separation techniques, such as supercritical fluid chromatography. 
  • Helium: It is used in several medical research laboratories, often for its benefits in cooling MRI magnets. 
  • Hydrogen: It is used as a carrier gas or combustion gas in several processes, such as atomic emission spectroscopy or atomic absorption spectroscopy. 
  • Nitrogen: Liquid nitrogen is very effective in preserving biological samples and is also often used in instruments like cold traps or MRI machines. 
  • Oxygen: Similar to CO2, oxygen finds applications in incubators and is critical for bacteria, animal, or plant cell growth. It is also used during elemental analysis. 

But that’s not all. Apart from these main products, nexAir also supplies special gases like nitrous oxide, compressed air, and propane, each of which has its own applications in a research lab setting. 

Meanwhile, our delivery and storage methods also help make processes more efficient while fuelling research. Depending on their requirements, labs can choose between a bulk supply, a micro bulk system, or portable bulk systems.

Fuel Your Research Projects With nexAir 

At the end of the day, universities and research labs don’t just benefit from nexAir’s high-quality ultra-pure gases; they also get access to our immense KnowHow.

nexAir’s team of talented professionals and customer service experts work tirelessly to ensure our products function as intended. Meanwhile, our storage and delivery systems ensure minimal waste, maximum efficiency, and unparalleled productivity. 

When all these factors come together, you get a company committed to catalyzing scientific discovery.

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