Celebrating Our Customers: Stories of Success and Partnership with nexAir

Celebrating Our Customers: Stories of Success and Partnership with nexAir

For over 80 years, nexAir has been the leading supplier of industrial gas and welding supplies across the Southeast. During this period, we’ve come to be known for not just our quality products but also our extensive KnowHow.

Our team, consisting of chemists, engineers, welding analysts, and other professionals, offers unprecedented levels of expertise and customer support.

And who benefits? Our clients — who are spread across a number of crucial industries — from aerospace to automotive, food and beverage processing, chemicals, healthcare, and more.

Here are a few examples of how this symbiotic relationship has been helping our customers Forge Forward.

How We Combatted a Helium Shortage

Back in 2022, a company based in East Tennessee approached nexAir with a request.  It was looking to scale up production, for which its team members estimated they would need to purchase additional helium. The problem was that the country was reeling from a severe helium shortage at the time.

Our territory manager, who didn’t have any extra helium to sell, stepped up. After inspecting leaks in the client’s gas supply system and making minor corrections to the blend of gas they were using, he was able to cut down their helium requirements.

Following just a few visits from the nexAir team, our client was able to scale up production without the need to buy any extra helium. 

How We Quadrupled a Client’s Output 

In the same year, we were approached by another client from Alabama who was struggling to meet the demands of a new customer. At the time, the working shop employed two welders who worked eight hours a day to produce one part. 

That is until the nexAir team introduced a new easy-to-use welding tool into their arsenal. This simple purchase allowed the working shop to quadruple its output, producing four parts in the same time it previously took to make one. 

How We Turned a Tough Challenge Into Easy Profits 

A few years before these stories, nexAir was approached by one of its oldest and most celebrated customers — a global manufacturer of cranes. They had just received a request from a customer in the aerospace industry, which was proving particularly tough to perform given their current capabilities. 

Our nexAir team got to work instantly, offering training sessions for our client, recommending more efficient products, and introducing them to newer techniques to help the team operate with renewed vigor.

By the end of our training, our client’s team was thoroughly equipped to handle the task without outsourcing any process. With nexAir’s support, they were able to turn a seemingly impossible challenge into a profitable venture. 

Similar stories can be seen across nexAir’s clients — whether it’s the welding company ALBAform or the celebrated Wiseacre Brewing Company,  our customers can trust that nexAir’s KnowHow will help them speed up processes, save costs, and Forge Forward.   

Conclusion: Forge Forward with nexAir

These are just some examples of how nexAir’s services go far beyond simply delivering the product to your doorstep. In fact, it’s for these exact success stories that we were lauded as the best-managed U.S. company back in 2020.

Much of the credit for this goes to our customers, who have taken our advice on board and trusted our teams to streamline some of their most crucial operations.

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