Chilled to Perfection: How Dry Ice Preserves Crucial Biological Samples

Chilled to Perfection: How Dry Ice Preserves Crucial Biological Samples

In the field of scientific research and medical diagnostics, the preservation of biological samples at extremely low temperatures is crucial. From tissue specimens to DNA samples, the integrity of these materials must be protected to ensure an accurate analysis and experimentation. That’s where dry ice comes into the picture. Offering a reliable and effective solution in maintaining the quality of these specimens, dry ice has quickly become an ally to the industry. 


Dry ice’s remarkable ability to maintain consistently low temperatures – we’re talking -78.5 degrees celsius, makes it an ideal cooling agent for preserving biological samples. This ensures that these delicate materials remain frozen the whole way through, without the risk of thawing or degrading. Now how does dry ice play a role? Here’s our KnowHow!


Storage and transportation


One of the biggest roles of dry ice in the world of biological sample preservation is in the storage and transportation of genetic material. DNA and RNA samples require stringent temperature control to prevent degradation. Dry ice serves as a guardian within all of this, ensuring that the genetic specimens remain intact and viable during transit from collection sites all the way to research labs and biobanks. 


Preservation of tissues


Along with transportation, the field of medical diagnostics heavily relies on the preservation of tissue specimens for pathological analysis. Dry ice plays a pivotal role in maintaining these samples at sub-zero temperatures, further preventing cellular breakdown and preserving the structural and molecular composition of the tissues. This is big in providing accurate diagnostics and research within various diseases, such as cancer and genetic disorders. 


The use of dry ice does not stop here. It actually extends to the preservation of microbiological cultures and living biological materials. From bacteria to cell lines, these specimens need ultra-low temperatures to maintain their viability and functionality. Dry ice is great because it provides a reliable means of achieving and sustaining the required cold storage conditions, ensuring the longevity of these resources. 




The adaptability of dry ice in sample preservation is clear in its use across many diverse research and clinical settings. Ranging from transporting samples from remote field sites to maintaining the integrity of specimens during outages, the cooling properties of dry ice offer a versatile and dependable solution. 


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