Collaborating for Progress: How nexAir Partners with Universities for Research Advancement

Collaborating for Progress: How nexAir Partners with Universities for Research Advancement

For over 80 years, nexAir has been the leading supplier of industrial gas, dry ice, automation tools, and welding supplies across the Southeast.

Established in 1940, we have made it our mission to not only offer the highest quality of products but also use our expertise and KnowHow to help customers Forge Forward.

Professionals from across industries — from automotive to food and beverage processing or even construction — find use in nexAir’s superior products.

And that’s not all. Over time, we’ve also made our mark on academia, partnering with universities across the country to boost research. Here’s how we do it.

nexAir’s Research-Grade Gases

Of course, universities rely on their large talent pool to make research advancements. But at the same time, they also depend on suppliers like nexAir. 

If there’s one quality that research labs value, it’s precision. With our ultra-pure instrument-grade gases, we ensure that institutes don’t have to worry about the integrity of their experiments because they will always have access to high-quality products.

At the same time, university faculty can rest easy knowing that nexAir always follows the highest standards of safety. Working with gases always comes with certain risks. Still, with our years of expertise, we ensure that all precautions are well in place —  and that students are never put in any danger. 

Dry Ice Supply 

Dry ice is a prevalent material in research settings.

Apart from its applications in the food and beverage industry, its low temperatures make it valuable for pharmaceutical and biological research. 

Since dry ice sublimes, rather than melts, it leaves no residue and is naturally antibacterial. For this reason, it’s regarded as the best material to store, preserve and ship biological and medical samples, blood, and organs. 

Our Carbonic program ensures that all universities can trust nexAir with their dry ice needs. We sell the valuable material in blocks, slices, pellets, or cryo-rice form. And, as always, we don’t just supply the product but use our expertise to cater to a university’s specific needs. We also train students and researchers to handle the substance with the correct safety protocols. 

Graduate with nexAir 

Over the years, nexAir has made a name for itself among professionals across the Southeast. But through our collaboration with universities, we want to help support young careers Forge Forward by fostering research advancement as well. 

So whether the requirement is for welding supplies, industrial gases, or dry ice requirements, you can be sure that nexAir is committed to your needs.

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