Comfort And Protection: nexAir’s Approach To Welding Safety Apparel


The welding process in itself is not dangerous, but a welder’s exposure to sparks, gases, heat, and flying debris calls for a need to stay protected. Without the proper safety gear, welders are susceptible to eye injuries, skin burns, hearing loss, injuries from metal splatter, and respiratory problems.

All of these are such a high price to pay, and they can be completely avoided just by using suitable welding safety apparel. Let’s take a look at some of these apparels.

A Welder’s Personal Protective Equipment

In order to stay safe, a welder must ensure they have all of these apparels on at all times.

Welding Helmet

This protects the welder’s head from flying particles and debris. Some consider it the most important safety gear for the welder. With the welding helmet, the welder’s eyes are also protected from radiation, sparks, and spatter.

Safety Googles

Some welding helmets are made with auto-darkening features for the eye area to protect the eyes from harmful light. However, welders who do not have this type of helmet will need to get safety goggles to protect their eyes. These goggles also help protect the eyes from dust and debris and should not be overlooked. Welders who normally wear prescription glasses or contact lenses are still required to use safety goggles to ensure optimum safety.


Welding often produces a lot of harmful fumes and gases, and without respirators, the welder’s lungs are at great risk. It is, therefore, absolutely important that they use respirators while at work.

Fire Resistant Clothing

Welders need to be fully clothed with flame/fire-resistant clothing while working. Shirts must have long sleeves, as a matter of necessity, and they also have to wear long pants, not shorts, as no part of their body should be exposed at all.
It is also a great idea to use leather aprons while working as they provide an additional layer of protection.

Welding Gloves

The welding process is primarily done with hands, hence the need to ensure their complete protection. Welding gloves are made from heat-resistant leather, and they protect the hands from sharp edges, heat, and burns.

Ear Plugs or Ear Muffs

Extended exposure to a noisy welding environment can be very harmful to the welder’s ears. If not controlled, it may lead to hearing loss. Earplugs are a great way to keep the ears safe while welding.

Safety Shoes

These should be high-topped shoes made from leather to prevent sparks and heat from getting to the feet. They also protect from falling objects.

Comfort Consideration

While safety is of utmost consideration, the welder’s comfort is equally important. Welders should not be uncomfortable or restrained while carrying out their activities. For example, their clothing should be breathable so ventilation does not become an issue over time.

Apparel worn should also be ergonomic to ensure easy and flexible movement while working. To eliminate sweat, the choice of clothing should be sweat-wicking. That way, welders can stay dry and comfortable under layers of clothing- an important factor, considering comfortability leads to effectiveness.

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