Community-Centric Solutions: How nexAir’s Local Presence Benefits Customers





Community-Centric Solutions: How nexAir’s Local Presence Benefits Customers



Since the 1940s, nexAir has been a pillar of local communities across the Southeast. Over the years, we have come to be known as much for our high-quality industrial gases and welding supplies as we have for our expertise and customer service.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Take a look at just how our local presence benefits customers across the region.

nexAir — Over 80 Years in the Making

nexAir’s first branch was opened in Memphis, TN, in 1940, when it was known as Standard Welders Supply. By the time we rebranded as nexAir in 1996, we had already seen immense success.

Over the next 80 years, we have opened 73 branch locations that serve as cylinder distribution points and retail locations for customers. These branches are supported by four production facilities — from where we offer all our industrial gases — ten medical gas facilities and two dry ice plants. Our welding supplies serve workshops across the region, regardless of the size of operations.

This broad base has allowed us to offer unmatched support to our customers. Through distribution centers spread over a wide range of locations, over 200 delivery trucks, and specialized tankers, we have been able to operate a successful next-day delivery model.

Our base has also allowed us to generate employment opportunities across Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and more. 

Our Industrial Gas Delivery Systems

We understand that not all our clients have the same requirements.

As a result of nexAir’s strong local presence, we have been able to offer our customers some much-needed flexibility — while ensuring that we minimize downtime.

Here are some ways in which we store and supply gases:

  • High, and low-pressure cylinders
  • Liquid cylinders 
  • Skids 
  • Microbulk systems
  • Portable bulk systems
  • Bulk systems 
  • Tube trailers 

Each of these methods is tailored to offer maximum efficiency in gas delivery and wouldn’t be possible without our strong local presence.

Introducing nexTrack

To further streamline our customer experience, we’ve also introduced nexTrack, a combination of three innovative technologies that help our customers get the supplies they need — exactly when they need them.

nexTrack includes: 

  • Roadnet: A real-time tracking system that allows customers to determine exactly when and where their supplies will be delivered. Customers are notified about any potential delays, ETA windows, and delivery confirmations.
  • Advanced Cylinder Management: Our unique identification number and barcode system ensures each shipped cylinder is scanned and tracked. This helps our cylinders always reach the correct department.
  • TIMS Electronic Delivery: This allows our customers to make any last-minute changes in delivery timelines or updates to orders directly with our drivers. Our drivers can also use this paperless system to change their routes. 

We understand that our customers need a steady stream of uninterrupted gas for their operations, and nexTrack makes efficiency in delivery its number one priority. 

Forge Forward with nexAir 

At the end of the day, whether it’s creating a pop-up hospital during the pandemic, rebuilding a community hospital in rural Mississippi, or assisting an Alabama-based metalworking shop in quadrupling its output, nexAir has an over 80-year legacy of helping our customers and community Forge Forward into the future.

Our name might have changed, but our high-quality supplies, KnowHow, and commitment to building a local presence remain unmatched. 

Contact one of our locations today and discover what makes nexAir so special.


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