Could Your Business Benefit From a Microbulk System

Could Your Business Benefit From a Microbulk System

A microbulk system is an ideal solution for large and small-scale operations looking for an uninterrupted supply of gas. It’s also ideal for companies facing budget and space constraints. 

It’s a solution that not only helps businesses reduce costs related to insurance and the handling of cylinders, but also prevents the loss of precious gases while freeing up floor space. So, what is a microbulk system?

It’s essentially a compact storage system that costs less than a bulk system. It provides a reliable flow of high-quality gas by replacing high-pressure or liquid cylinders with a stainless steel low-pressure on-site refillable tank.

These tanks could be anywhere between 450 to 3,000 liters. They work for a number of applications, including laboratory, food and beverage, and welding, among others.  

Advantages of a Microbulk System

A microbulk system, when installed with the right KnowHow, is a more efficient, consistent, safe, and cost-saving method of storing gas.

Some of the major advantages of this system include:

  • Eliminating floor damage and freeing up storage space
  • Providing one high-purity gas source for multiple machines
  • Preventing issues of contamination that come from using recycled cylinders
  • Preventing gas lost from idle cylinders or residual product left over inside cylinders. In fact, it can reduce product usage by up to 40%.
  • Availability of ultra-high purity tank systems
  • Doing away with cylinder handling and inventory management
  • Offering uninterrupted air supply
  • Reducing delivery costs since it is permanently installed on site
  • Reducing insurance costs

Apart from these benefits, a microbulk system can also enhance workplace safety by doing away with risks related to cylinder handling and storage since it operates on a lower pressure than high-pressure cylinders.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit? 

Given its number of advantages, a microbulk solution can allow any company that deals with gas volume and supply issues to Forge Forward. It’s relevant for a wide variety of industries from aerospace to energy, and chemicals to food and beverage.

Businesses with bulk volumes that exceed their needs, but find cylinder tanks too small and cumbersome to manage could consider microbulk solutions.

At the end of the day, any company that has a growing demand for industrial gas, but has a limited budget and space, and is looking to leave a greener carbon footprint, can stand to benefit. 

The Bottom Line: Forge Forward With nexAir KnowHow

The decision to switch to a microbulk system is the easy part. But without the right expertise, it can be a complicated solution to implement.

Issues arising from volume demand, applications, installation, and product safety are common and must be addressed early.  

nexAir, one of the country’s leading suppliers of industrial gas and welding materials,  has the KnowHow to help assess which microbulk system is best for your business. 

From preparation to installation, our team of experts will handle all the details related to operations and customer service, leaving your team to focus on productivity. 

Since 1940, nexAir has supplied top-of-the-line industrial gases as well as welding and construction supplies to ensure our customers Forge Forward


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