Crafting Excellence: How nexAir Supports Brewery Operations


Brewing beer is a delicate balance of art and science, where precision and creativity go hand in hand. From small craft breweries to large-scale operations, the quest for the perfect brew relies heavily on controlling various aspects of the brewing process. nexAir, a leading provider of industrial gases and equipment, plays a crucial role in helping breweries achieve consistency, quality, and innovation in their products.

Carbon Dioxide: The Fizz Factor

At the heart of every effervescent sip of beer lies carbon dioxide (CO2). This gas is not just responsible for the satisfying bubbles in your favorite brew; it also plays a vital role in various stages of the brewing process. nexAir supplies high-purity CO2 that breweries use for carbonation, purging tanks and lines, and creating a protective blanket over beer to prevent oxidation. This reliable CO2 supply ensures that breweries can maintain the perfect level of carbonation in their beers, contributing to the overall taste and mouthfeel that consumers expect.

Nitrogen: The Smooth Operator

While CO2 provides the fizz, nitrogen is the secret behind the creamy, smooth texture found in certain beer styles, particularly stouts and nitro beers. nexAir’s food-grade nitrogen is used by breweries to create the characteristic cascading effect and velvety head in these specialty brews. Beyond its role in the final product, nitrogen is also used to purge tanks and lines, providing an inert environment that protects the beer from oxidation during transfers and packaging.

Oxygen: Yeast’s Best Friend

Although brewers generally aim to minimize oxygen exposure in the later stages of brewing, controlled oxygenation is crucial during the fermentation process. nexAir supplies pure oxygen that breweries use to ensure optimal yeast health and fermentation efficiency. The precise control of oxygen levels can significantly impact the flavor profile and alcohol content of the final product, making nexAir’s high-purity oxygen an essential tool for brewers seeking consistency and quality in their fermentation process.

Specialty Gas Blends: Tailored Solutions for Unique Brews

As the craft beer industry continues to innovate, some breweries are experimenting with unique gas blends to create distinct flavor profiles and textures in their beers. nexAir’s expertise in creating custom gas mixtures allows breweries to explore new frontiers in beer production. Whether it’s a specific nitrogen-CO2 blend for a novel nitro beer or a unique gas mixture for an experimental brewing process, nexAir works closely with breweries to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Equipment and Services: Beyond Gas Supply

nexAir’s support for breweries extends beyond just supplying gases. We offer a range of equipment and services designed to optimize brewery operations. This includes gas delivery systems, draft beer dispense equipment, and gas blending systems. nexAir’s team of experts provides installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting services, ensuring that breweries can focus on their craft while relying on efficient and reliable gas systems.

Safety First: Protecting Brewers and Beer

Working with gases in a brewery environment requires strict adherence to safety protocols. nexAir places a strong emphasis on safety, providing comprehensive training and support to ensure that brewery staff are well-versed in the proper handling and use of industrial gases. From proper cylinder storage to safe gas handling procedures, nexAir’s commitment to safety helps breweries create a secure working environment while protecting the integrity of their products.

Sustainability in Brewing: nexAir’s Green Initiatives

As the brewing industry increasingly focuses on sustainability, nexAir is at the forefront of developing eco-friendly solutions. Our efforts in recycling and reclaiming CO2 from fermentation processes help breweries reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, nexAir’s energy-efficient equipment options and optimization services contribute to reducing overall energy consumption in brewery operations.

Forging Forward in Craft Beer Innovation

The craft beer industry is known for its spirit of innovation and experimentation. nexAir’s expert KnowHow™ in gas applications supports breweries in pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing. Whether it’s developing new beer styles, enhancing production efficiency, or improving quality control measures, nexAir’s solutions empower breweries to Forge Forward in their quest for brewing excellence.

A Partner in Brewing Success

From the smallest microbrewery to large-scale production facilities, nexAir stands as a reliable partner in the brewing industry. By providing high-quality gases, innovative equipment solutions, expert consultation, and unwavering support for safety and sustainability, nexAir plays a vital role in helping breweries craft exceptional beers.

As the brewing industry continues to evolve, the partnership between breweries and industrial gas providers like nexAir will be instrumental in shaping the future of beer production. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer support, nexAir is well-positioned to continue supporting the growth and success of breweries across the nation, ensuring that beer lovers can enjoy high-quality, consistently excellent brews for years to come.


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