Customer Success Stories: How nexAir Empowers Businesses


From the surgeon prepping for the operating table to the welding expert working on an oil rig, countless professionals rely on nexAir’s high-quality products. 

Since the 1940s, our expertise, customer support, and unwavering commitment to innovation have empowered numerous businesses to make better decisions, lower costs, and scale their operations with ease. Sounds too good to be true? Consider some of these real-life success stories…


nexAir Combats Welder Shortage

Recently, our long-term client, JACOB Tubing Systems, approached us with a problem. The manufacturing company had seen immense growth since its 1998 launch and was struggling to keep up with demand. A rising shortage of welders didn’t help matters, leaving the company’s limited talent pool stuck doing mundane tasks.

The frustrated team reached out to a nexAir territorial manager for a solution. After carefully analyzing the situation, our manager realized that the JACOB team didn’t need additional hires at all. The company could simply deploy a collaborative robot (COBOT) to take over the simple welding tasks, freeing up its specialized workers to focus on solutions.

After implementing this simple remedy, JACOB’s fortunes turned. Thanks to the COBOT, the company experienced a 40% increase in productivity without new recruits. Bolstered by this success, the JACOB team partnered with nexAir to significantly grow its automation capabilities in the next few years.


How We Fixed an Expensive Welding Defect

When National Tank grew concerned that its propane tanks wouldn’t pass radiographic tests, it approached a nexAir territory manager for a solution.

A team was quickly assembled and sent on a two-day visit to study National Tank’s production processes. During the inspection, our team found an unlikely problem—the organization’s backing bar had led to some serious welding defects.

Our team recommended replacing the backing bar with ceramic tiles and National Tank saw immediate results. 

Not only was the company able to fix its porous welds, but it raised productivity considerably as the new system was a lot more efficient. This simple solution now saves the company approximately $70,000 a year. 


How We Countered a Helium Shortage 

In 2022, an East Tennessee-based company approached nexAir with a request. It was looking to scale production which necessitated additional helium.

However, they had one major problem: The country was reeling from a severe helium shortage at the time so there was no additional helium to sell. It didn’t take long for our territory manager to realize that, with a few simple modifications, the company wouldn’t need more helium.

By simply plugging all the leaks in the customer’s pipeline, our team reduced the company’s gas requirements by 33%. Our team also realized the organization could achieve similar results even if it reduced its helium mixture by 10%.

With these two simple fixes, our customer successfully navigated the helium shortage while growing production and enjoying huge savings.


Soar To New Heights with nexAir

These are just three examples of the thousands of solutions nexAir has offered our loyal customers over the years. Our expertise and KnowHow have helped countless small local businesses Forge Forward. Meanwhile, our innovative products have empowered global organizations to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Reach out to our team today to join our growing community of satisfied clients.

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