Delivering a Special Brand Of KnowHow for Your Specialty Gas Needs

nexAir is a trusted maker and supplier of specialty gases with over 80 years of experience and expertise. We are your go-to company when it comes to all things gas.

Specialty gases require a special brand of know-how to ensure safety, accuracy, and quality. Our in-house team of chemists, engineers, welding analysts, cryogenic and medical equipment specialists, as well as various gas industry experts contribute to our deep pool of KnowHow. This refers to our extensive knowledge that enables us to formulate gases with precision and purity that serve our clients’ exact requirements.

Beyond this, we also provide technical training to our clients to help them utilize our products with optimum efficiency.

Our Specialty Gas Products
We carry a wide range of specialty gases for various applications including:
– Acetylene
– Anhydrous Ammonia
– Argon
– Carbon Dioxide
– Carbon Monoxide
– Compressed Air
– Fuel Gas
– Helium
– Hydrogen
– Industrial
– Medical/Healthcare
– Nitrogen
– Nitrous Oxide
– Oxygen
– Propane
We also provide sustainable gas cylinders and other welding supplies and equipment.

Fueling Businesses to Forge Forward
Science–based industries from energy production to metal fabrication rely on superior quality gases to operate and deliver uncompromised results. Anything less could lead to faulty products, financial losses, or safety risks.

nexAir was born out of a vision to help businesses enhance their productivity, maximize their resources, and Forge Forward to new heights.

To help them achieve this, nexAir is committed to providing our valued clients with the necessary products and partnership to fuel and sustain their success.

Premium-Grade Specialty Gases
Our team expertly crafts and delivers a wide range of research-grade quality, NIST traceable mixtures; custom certified calibration mixes; anaerobic and aerobic biological mixtures; identical precision multi-cylinder fills; PS calibration mixes; EPA protocol, industrial hygiene mixes; and specialty gas equipment.

Supply Accessibility
Our two ISO/IEC accredited laboratories are strategically located in Memphis, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia and are manned by expert teams to maintain top-tier quality, ensure availability of supply, and provide KnowHow guidance.

Through our system, meanwhile, clients can easily monitor their inventory, place orders, track deliveries, and receive invoices via paperless channels to facilitate their purchase experience and avoid delays and irregularities.

KnowHow Support
Through our training sessions and demos, we share best practices in using our products so your team has the right knowledge and skills to handle our products with proficiency and safety.

They’ll also learn how to optimize our products within your value chain so you can achieve high output with minimal costs.
Industries We Serve

We’re proud to partner with companies and institutions in various industries including:
– Aerospace
– Automotive
– Medical Cannabis
– Chemical
– Construction
– Diving
– Electronics
– Energy
– Food and Beverage
– Foundry
– Healthcare
– Maintenance
– Manufacturing
– Plastics and Packaging
– Shipbuilding
– University and Scientific Research
– Welding and Metal Fabrication

We seek to further expand our reach so we can help more industries, economies, and communities with their specialty gas needs.
At nexAir, our service goes beyond providing the right products and customer service; we also aim to help you achieve your productivity and bottom line goals.

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