Dry Ice Blasting Is Safe for Electronics

Dry Ice Blasting Is Safe for Electronics

Almost every home in the world has at least one electronic product while some homes have dozens. Undeniably, electronics have become a necessity. 

However, electronics are generally more pricey and need to be taken care of to ensure long service lives. One way to keep them functioning for as long as possible is through dry ice blasting, an effective yet safe cleaning method.

Dry ice blasting uses carbon dioxide in its solid form, known as dry ice. To use it for cleaning, dry ice is released as a pressurized air stream. Professional cleaners direct cleaning equipment towards soiled surfaces and the accelerated blast of dry ice will easily clean them. 

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Blast cleaning is the process of removing dirt through the release of a high-pressure stream of material. The types of blast cleaning are sand blasting, plastic bead blasting, soda blasting, and dry ice blasting. 

For electronics, dry ice blasting is the best type of blast cleaning. Here’s why:


Unlike sand and plastic beads, dry ice is non-abrasive. It can, therefore, clean any electronic equipment without damaging it.


Unlike soda blasting, dry ice is non-conductive, which means it doesn’t conduct electricity.


It is also non-flammable, making it safe for electronics and the cleaning professionals who perform dry ice blasting.


Dry ice blasting has been approved by government organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, and the United States Department of Agriculture. It doesn’t have any chemical agents that may be harmful to people who have been exposed to it. 

In contrast, other methods like sand-blasting can contain toxic materials like lead paint and silica. 

Zero Waste

Another reason why dry ice blasting is such an efficient cleaning method is it doesn’t leave any waste behind. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, which sublimates. This means that from solid, the material becomes gas and leaves no chemical residues and secondary waste. 


Dry ice blasting is up to 70%  faster compared to other blast cleaning methods. 

Dry Ice Blasting for Deep Cleaning Electronics

Dry ice blasting uses rice-sized dry ice pellets for cleaning. It’s moisture-free and the pellets sublimate upon contact. 

It also provides deep and thorough cleaning, removing dirt, bacteria, and other substances that could potentially damage or destroy your electronics. Cleaning with nexAir dry ice will eliminate soot, toxic residues, and even odor from any material. The process can also remove or slow the growth of fungus, mildew, and mold. 

nexAir KnowHow can help you elevate your electronic cleaning business. Dry ice blasting is fast, efficient, and cost-effective. Most importantly, it’s safe for everyone involved and won’t harm electronic devices and appliances.

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