Dry Ice for Temperature-Controlled Distribution in the Food Industry

Dry Ice for Temperature-Controlled Distribution in the Food Industry

The food sector is one of the many industries that rely heavily on dry ice systems for storage and distribution. Perishable foods require stable temperature and appropriate handling to keep their quality intact, especially for long shipping trips.

Fluctuating temperatures and improper packaging can cause frozen food items like meat, dairy, and seafood to spoil, lose their original texture and flavor, or become contaminated. Reliable cooling technology is vital to avoid these losses.    

While some food companies choose gel packs or refrigerated trucks for their logistics, many recognize the benefits of dry ice. This food-grade refrigerant is carbon dioxide in a solid-state, and it is widely used for freezing purposes because of its cost efficiency and reliability.

Benefits of Dry Ice Cooling for Food Shipping

  1. Stable Temperatures

Dry ice is frozen at a temperature of -109 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike other cooling methods, dry ice consistently keeps food at the right temperature at each step of the shipping and handling process.

  1. No-Mess Handling

Dry ice is a unique product that sublimates from solid to gas without leaving moisture or liquid leftovers to clean or discard.

  1. Quick and Easy Cooling

Dry ice has three times greater cooling capacity than regular ice.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Dry ice systems do not need electricity for their entire shipping journey. And when dry ice melts, it does not leave behind any harmful residue.

  1. Safe and Convenient to Use

Dry ice is a food-grade product that does not alter the taste, color, and texture of the food item it is stored or mixed with. 

Following safety precautions when handling dry ice keeps the food, packaging, storage equipment, and handler safe.

  1. Versatile and Flexible

Dry ice comes in different forms and sizes, such as blocks, slices, and pellets. It can fit any storage and shipping space available, no matter how limited. It can also be combined with other cooling agents like gel packs.

  1. Cost-Efficient

Dry ice is cost-efficient, especially when bought in bulk. And you don’t need to add in costs for cleanup and maintenance because it is hassle-free.

  1. Easily Available

Dry ice is commonly sold in ice plants, courier companies, butcher houses, grocery stores, and nexAir.

How To Pack Food With Dry Ice for Shipping
Here are some best practices for packing food with dry ice:

  • Make sure the food is packed correctly with plastic or paper.
  • Store the dry ice and food in a well-ventilated box made of corrugated cardboard, wood, or plastic. Do not seal the container completely to allow the release of pressure.
  • Put the dry ice at the bottom of the box, and place the food item on top.
  • You can alternately layer the dry ice and food items and fill the excess spaces in the box with bubble wrap or newspaper to keep them packed tightly.

Safe Handling Tips
When using and handling dry ice, be sure to follow these safety measures:

  • Do not eat or taste it. Dry ice is not edible.
  • Use proper gloves or tongs when touching it to avoid skin injury or frostbite.
  • When dry ice melts, it turns to carbon dioxide. Put it in a ventilated box to prevent breathing issues.


nexAir Dry Ice Helps Your Business Forge Forward
Our dry ice products are certified safe, pure, and reliable, so your food items are sure to remain fresh and secure. With the right shipping and handling supply partner, you can serve more markets, enhance operational efficiency, and increase revenue.

And with nexAir’s KnowHow advantage, our expertise in serving your industry can help you create ways to maximize benefits and further reduce costs. We provide knowledge and skills training to equip you and your staff with cost-effective techniques to guarantee fresh products and foster business success.


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