Dry Ice for Your Delicacies: Keeping “Eats” Fresh and Crisp

Dry Ice for Your Delicacies: Keeping “Eats” Fresh and Crisp

Dry ice plays a big role in keeping the freshness of food from production to your plate. This carbon dioxide in solid form is not only unique but versatile and extremely useful in many industries, businesses, and households.

Without this cold, opaque product that comes in pellet or block forms, your favorite delicacy from the other side of the world wouldn’t retain its flavor and form when it reaches you.

Perishable items transported from port to port require temperature-controlled storage and transport facilities. In fact, even within the production facility, meat and vegetable products need to be preserved from the time they’re packed and onwards.

Dry ice extends perishable goods’ optimum color, taste, texture, and aroma. Whether it’s gourmet food, beverages, baked goods, dairy products, poultry, or meat, the dry ice solution is an excellent method for preserving quality and ensuring safe consumption. It’s great for long trips or overnight shipping and is cost-efficient, easy to use, and eco-friendly.

By placing dry ice in a separate insulator like an EPS foam next to food items, or placing dry ice at the bottom, the freezing effect takes place and the food’s quality is safely preserved.

The Sweet Truth
Wonder how cakes keep their soft, fluffy textures and sweetness even after hours of transportation? Dry ice keeps the butter frosting from melting and the pastry from going stale so it reaches your party with delectable perfection.

The same goes for ice cream products. No one wants a grainy textured tub of ice cream with the nuts and marshmallows mixed up inside. This mess is what happens when ice cream melts and is later refrozen.

Packing and shipping these frozen delights require temperature-controlled equipment. While refrigeration and ice are still used for their freezing capabilities, many manufacturers and shippers prefer using dry ice for shipping. 

Unlike ice that melts and dampens the product packaging, dry ice provides the necessary coldness and freshness without the mess. Plus, dry ice takes care of cooling even when there’s a power outage or limited electricity.

Meaty Benefits
Cured meats from distant locations like Europe and Asia need to be chilled and handled with the best packaging and shipment solutions to reach global markets. Satisfying the craving for authentic taste is only possible when product quality is consistently retained.

Preserving their flavor and meaty goodness requires an optimum way of locking in freshness through reliable packaging and shipping solutions.

nexAir helps frozen meat manufacturers and distributors maintain product quality with pure, food-grade certified quality dry ice from our production facility.

Keeping the Nutrients in Fresh Produce
At a temperature of -109 degrees Fahrenheit, dry ice can serve as a portable freezer to keep packed vegetables crisp, vibrant, and nutritious. Your garden veggies and fruits can reach a wider market and increase your profits by extending their life using the dry ice method.

Seafood From Overseas
Dry ice packing and transportation also makes the worldwide distribution of packed or canned seafood possible. Fish and shell products from Scandinavia and other remote regions can be sold overseas even without access to electricity, thanks to the dry ice method.

Lobsters and other crustaceans from the best aquaculture industries in the world can reach landlocked countries with ease and speed while keeping their “fresh catch goodness.” With nexAir, your products can reach supermarket shelves and restaurants in the farthest regions without compromising on quality.

Forge Forward with NexAir
nexAir’s KnowHow allows us to provide proper training in handling and using dry ice safely and effectively for your business’ packing and transportation needs. From blast chilling, flash freezing to modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), our experts teach your staff techniques on how to use our products more efficiently to get the best value.

We value our clients and enable their success by providing quality products and the solutions they need to meet their goals. 

Your partnership with nexAir allows us to help your business reach a global market. Together, we can preserve your success for many years.


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