Dry Ice in The Healthcare Industry

Dry Ice in The Healthcare Industry

Dry ice is a versatile refrigerant widely used in many different industries, including healthcare. A robust dry ice system can help in the sanitation, transport, and storage of medical materials, such as surgical tools and even medication.

Because it is used in environments that require the highest standard of safety and purity, dry ice must be produced, delivered, and handled with the right KnowHow or expertise.

nexAir has been a leading partner of medical facilities, research companies, and similar institutions in preserving the integrity of their processes. Where there is a need to keep things extremely cold and clean, dry ice does the job.

Let’s look at how carbon dioxide in solid form, or dry ice, plays a crucial role in healthcare.

Medical and Laboratory

Hazardous materials such as blood samples, body organs, and other biomedical substances can only remain viable outside the body with proper handling. These materials must be kept at specific temperatures from recovery to preservation and transport.

These recovered organs and samples are placed in a preservation solution and packed in coolers with dry ice. While regular ice or other freezing methods can be used, dry ice is the best choice because it does not leave residue and is easier to handle and fit into containers.

Storage temperature must be controlled and monitored to keep the material safe and uncompromised.

Stringent standards and protocols must be followed from the recovery facility to the processing and transplant center. Only high-quality dry ice should be used in medical and laboratory shipments to prevent contamination of the transported materials. Timely delivery is also critical to avoid delays that could put lives at risk.

Pharmaceutical Applications

Pharmaceutical research laboratories also rely heavily on dry ice for storing and shipping their projects. Because dry ice sublimates to gas and leaves no residue, it eliminates the risk of contaminated fluids seeping into medicines and other highly sensitive pharmaceutical products such as vaccines.

Failure to meet the specific temperature requirement of some medications can affect their efficacy and lifespan. A dry ice system is preferred because it is reliable during long trips and will remain effective even when electricity is unavailable.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical facilities require impeccable cleaning and disinfecting. There is zero tolerance for dirt and microbes because people’s health and lives are at stake. Contaminated medicines, medical tools, and biomedical samples could lead to illnesses or fatalities.  

Because of their crucial need for sanitation, healthcare spaces and materials need the high-grade cleaning capacity of the dry ice blasting system. This provides deep cleaning and disinfecting through its freezing temperature, pressure, and no-residue feature without causing damage.

Forge Forward With Uncompromised Healthcare Processes

NexAir, through our subsidiary nexAir Carbonic, meets the exacting storage, transport, and cleaning needs of the healthcare industry through our dry ice products. We provide only the most reliable dry ice in various forms produced in our strictly maintained production facilities.

We also conduct regular liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice testing to make sure that all industry specifications are met. Our in-house team of experts also provides KnowHow support to our customers through seminars and demonstrations for product use efficiency and safe handling.

Preserving Health and Wellness

We have been serving the healthcare industry for many decades with utmost commitment to product quality, timely deliveries, and excellent customer service. Contact us today for your healthcare dry ice needs and benefit from our KnowHow advantage.  

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