Dry Ice is Environmentally Friendly!

Dry Ice is Environmentally Friendly!

Dry Ice is Environmentally Friendly!

Yep, we’ll say it again. Dry ice IS environmentally friendly – and here’s why!

Dry ice does not produce CO2 or add CO2 into the atmosphere.

Since dry ice is considered a natural product that does not add CO2 into the atmosphere, it is considered very environmentally friendly. This means that it has no adverse effect on the atmosphere and will not cause any greenhouse effect. Due to this characteristic, dry ice is widely used in various industries and is continuing to grow in popularity. These advantages and characteristics of dry ice have led to its approval by the EPA, USDA and FDA – leaving it to be a reputable, trusted and well-rounded cleaning method, food and beverage preserver, medical aid in the health industry and so much more.

How You Can Use Dry Ice to Help Positively Impact the Environment

You may have seen a really cool, foggy science experiment that ended up being a lesson on dry ice. There are actually so many other ways that dry ice can be used – many that you may already be involved in!

Packaging and Shipping – Dry ice is used to keep food, beverage and any perishable items fresher, for a longer period of time while being shipped. This is a preferred method due to its ability to never turn into a liquid. This keeps items safe from getting soaked and ruined during transportation. Dry ice also stays colder than other shipping methods. Depending on the size of the box, as well as the number of dry ice blocks, dry ice can last anywhere from 24 hours to 4 days in a styrofoam box. As a rule of thumb, plan on using 5 to 10 pounds for every 24-hour period.

Healthcare – One of the most common uses of dry ice in the healthcare industry is as a refrigerant. It is used during transportation of delicate objects such as biomedical samples, blood, organs and other items that need to stay in near-perfect condition for a period of time.

Cleaning – Dry ice blasting continues to grow and is an extremely popular cleaning method. Tiny, dry ice pellets are blasted through a dry ice blaster onto the desired surface, leaving the surface at a near-perfect clean. This method is non-abrasive, meaning it does not damage the surface and is non-toxic, due to using no extra chemicals and leaving no toxic fumes in the atmosphere. Overall, this cleaning method is cost friendly, effective and time saving.

Stage and Entertainment – One of the most fun and possibly coolest ways dry ice can be used is as a fog effect during productions, shows and even concerts. This is what you see floating around at the bottom of a stage – and it is completely harmless!

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Every piece of dry ice we supply is manufactured through nexAir Carbonic. nexAir Carbonic serves healthcare clinics, research facilities, food production facilities and more. In addition to supplying dry ice, nexAir also offers full consultation, training and demonstration what we call KnowHow – for your specific application. Ready to get started with your very own steady supply of dry ice? Reach out to our team today! We can’t wait to Forge Forward, together.

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