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Welding is and always has been a high-demand profession. But, as technology advances and manufacturing processes ramp up, the need for professional welders is expected to grow at an exponential rate in the coming years.

There are several benefits to becoming a welder—the pay is good, there’s room for growth, and opportunities span numerous industries. However, due to a lack of proper training, many amateur welders are unable to make the most of these opportunities. 

nexAir is proud to step in and fill that gap.

As one of the leading suppliers of welding equipment in the Southeast, we don’t just believe in selling high-quality products. We also recognize the importance of sharing our KnowHow with budding professionals so they can make the most of new technology and master their skills.

Here’s how we do it. 

In-Class Training

Even the most advanced piece of equipment is completely useless if it isn’t operated properly. So, if you’re truly looking to improve efficiency and productivity, it’s crucial to invest in your employees and encourage them to boost their skills.

nexAir’s Advanced Welding and Cutting Demonstration Labs is the perfect place to start. In these classrooms, we leverage years of industry experience to introduce your employees to the latest welding gear and teach them how to use these systems.

Our hands-on training covers some of the most cutting-edge technology, including laser welding and cutting systems, state-of-the-art MIG, TIG, and sub-arc equipment. We also educate them on various automation systems and positioning equipment. 

As a bonus, we sell all the equipment featured in the demo lab. So, if you find that your employees are working well with a particular system, you can make the switch and enhance operational efficiency almost immediately.


Workshops and Seminars

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to welding.

Welders can be expected to operate across a wide range of industries—from aerospace, to motorsport and beyond, each with its own processes and standards.

This is why nexAir hosts several industry-specific workshops. These are dedicated to training professionals on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in their sectors. These workshops are an opportunity to learn from experts in the field.

Similarly, we collaborate with industry giants and technology partners in hosting seminars. Through these events, participants can engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and interact with peers and experts. 


Online Resources and E-Learning

In today’s digital age, many young professionals prefer getting their information online—especially if they don’t have the time or means to attend in-person training. For them, nexAir offers a huge range of online resources and e-learning options, including: 

  • Instructional videos that cover various welding techniques and equipment usage
  • Webinars and workshops where we introduce budding professionals to experts while discussing how new technologies are shaping the industry
  • An online learning center that features comprehensive blogs, manuals, and guides that introduce welders to new processes, safety protocols, cutting-edge equipment, the latest trends, and maintenance best practices

Combined, these online resources offer welders all the information they need to rise to the top of their field—and work with enhanced efficiency.


Weld Faster and Better With nexAir

For over 80 years, nexAir has been helping its clients Forge Forward with cutting-edge equipment and the latest KnowHow. To learn how we can assist you or for information about our training, reach out to us at (888) 639 2474. You can also send us a message.

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