Efficiency in Foundry Operations: nexAir’s Gas Technologies for Quality Castings

In the competitive and demanding environment of foundry operations, efficiency and quality are paramount. nexAir provides specialized gas technologies that enhance both, offering solutions that lead to superior castings while minimizing operational costs and environmental impact.

Optimizing Melting Processes with Precision Gases

Enhanced Metal Treatment

Using industrial gases such as oxygen and nitrogen in metal melting processes significantly improves efficiency. Oxygen increases combustion temperatures and reduces fuel consumption, while nitrogen is an effective shield gas to prevent oxidation during melting. These gases help foundries achieve faster melting times and lower energy usage, improving overall operational efficiency.

Controlled Atmospheres for Quality Assurance

Creating controlled atmospheres in melting and casting processes is crucial for producing high-quality castings. nexAir’s gas solutions, including argon and carbon dioxide, are pivotal in establishing environments that minimize the inclusion of impurities and defects in final products. This level of control ensures consistent casting quality, which is essential for maintaining competitive advantage in the market.

Advanced Gas Injection Techniques

Precision Gas Injection Systems

nexAir offers advanced gas injection systems that allow precise control over the introduction of gases into foundry processes. These systems are designed for high accuracy and reliability, ensuring that gases are delivered in the exact proportions needed for optimal results. This precision is key to achieving the desired properties in cast metals, such as improved strength and enhanced surface finish.

Customized Gas Mixtures

Understanding that each metal and casting process may require a different approach, nexAir provides customized gas mixtures tailored to specific foundry needs. Whether it’s adjusting the gas mixture to enhance fluidity of molten metal or to modify the solidification process, nexAir’s expertise in gas blending supports the unique objectives of each foundry.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Eco-Friendly Gas Technologies

In line with global sustainability efforts, nexAir is committed to providing eco-friendly gas solutions. By optimizing gas usage and introducing technologies that reduce emissions, nexAir helps foundries decrease their environmental footprint. This commitment supports compliance with environmental regulations and aligns with our clients’ broader corporate responsibility goals.

Recovery and Recycling Initiatives

nexAir’s gas recovery and recycling programs are designed to reclaim gases used in foundry operations, reducing waste and the need for fresh gas production. These initiatives cut costs and contribute to environmental sustainability by minimizing the release of gases into the atmosphere.

Training and Support: Empowering Foundry Teams

Comprehensive Training Programs

To ensure that foundry staff can utilize nexAir’s gas technologies effectively, we offer comprehensive training programs. These sessions cover everything from basic gas safety to advanced gas handling and process optimization techniques. Backed by our expert KnowHow™, we put the power of information in our clients hands.

Ongoing Technical Support

nexAir provides continuous technical support to address any operational challenges in foundry processes. Our team of experts is available to assist with troubleshooting, process improvements, and any other support needed to maintain high efficiency and quality in casting operations.

Forge Forward for Foundry Success

nexAir’s gas technologies offer transformative solutions for foundries aiming to enhance efficiency and product quality. Through innovative gas applications, customized solutions, and committed support, we help foundries optimize their operations and achieve sustainable success.

Please contact our team for more detailed information on how nexAir’s gas technologies can benefit your foundry operations or to discuss your specific needs. We are ready to help you take your casting quality and operational efficiency to the next level.


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