Efficient and Green: Specialty Gases in Modern Energy Production Technologies

In the search for sustainable energy sources, modern energy production technologies have turned to specialty gases at a higher rate than before. Gases like these play a huge role in enhancing efficiency, reducing emissions and promoting greener practices across many different sectors. Ranging from renewable energy generation to industrial processes, specialty gases have and continue to emerge as essential components driving innovation in the energy field. 

At nexAir, we are proud to be a top supplier of specialty gases, allowing those in the energy production industry to continue to Forge Forward. Lean into our expert KnowHow and keep reading to gain some more insight on the roles that these special gases play amongst the energy landscape.

Solar energy 

In the world of solar energy, specialty gases like sulfur hexafluoride are used in the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells. This specialty gas is known for its incredible insulating properties, which allow for the efficient transmission of electricity generated by solar panels. By incorporating sulfur hexafluoride in the production of solar cells, manufacturers can enhance the performance and longevity of solar energy systems, further contributing to the adoption of solar power as a clean energy source. 

Wind energy 

Likewise, with wind energy, specialty gases like nitrogen and helium are employed in the maintenance of wind turbines. These gases are used to pressurize and purge turbine systems, ensuring optimal performance and preventing any future corrosion. By leveraging specialty gases in wind energy applications, operators can enhance the reliability and efficiency of wind farms to maximize energy output while minimizing environmental impact. 

Hydrogen energy technologies

Another role specialty gases play is in the advancement of hydrogen energy technologies. Hydrogen relies on specialty gases like hydrogen, nitrogen and argon for many different production and storage processes. Gases like these are game changing in ensuring the purity and safety of hydrogen fuel, facilitating its integration into diverse energy systems as a clean and sustainable alternative to some of the more traditional fossil fuels. 

Development of energy storage solutions

Additionally, specialty gases are also essential in the development of energy storage solutions like batteries and fuel cells. Gases such as oxygen and hydrogen are used in the manufacturing and operation of energy storage devices, allowing for the efficient capture and release of energy for various applications. By using these specialty gases in energy storage technologies, researchers and engineers can enhance the performance, reliability and sustainability of energy storage systems. 

Forge Forward with nexAir specialty gases

Specialty gases are continuing to drive innovation and sustainability in modern energy production technologies. As the global demand for clean and sustainable energy continues to rise, you can rely on nexAir to provide you and your projects with a steady supply of the highest quality gases that you need to Forge Forward. With two industry-leading spec gas labs outfitted with modern technology, our team can not only ensure that you are receiving more accurate and efficient fills, but also nothing short of gases meeting your exact specifications. If you are interested in learning more or are eager to get set up with your own supply, please reach out to our team today. 

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