Empowering Your Welding Projects: Choosing the Right Supplies from nexAir

Empowering Your Welding Projects: Choosing the Right Supplies from nexAir

Welding is an essential process across industries. Without this ubiquitous and crucial activity, it would have been impossible to manufacture many of the structures we see around us today — from skyscrapers to space crafts, vehicles to household appliances.

In 2020, the global welding market was valued at $20.23 bn, a figure slated to touch $28.66 bn by 2028.

These figures clearly indicate a rising need for professional welders. In turn, these experts rely on the supply of high-quality equipment to get the job done right.

This is where nexAir comes in. For 80 years, we have been one of the leading welding equipment suppliers across the Southeast. So you can be sure that we sell everything you need to kickstart your next welding project. 

Filler Metals 

Filler metals are a crucial part of the welding process.

These alloyed or unalloyed metals are heated to the point where they melt, flow into the space between two parts, and create a soldered joint. Some of the most common filler metals include tin, copper, aluminum, lead, or silver.  

nexAir works with several suppliers to sell only the highest quality filler materials. Here are some of the big names we work with:

  • Hobart®
  • ESAB®
  • Lincoln Electric

MIG/TIG Consumables and Guns

MIG and TIG are two of the most standard types of welding. Both also use certain consumables — such as electrodes or shielding gases — to create arcs, lay the foundation for weld pools, and protect them from contamination. 

nexAir’s key suppliers of all related consumable equipment include: 

  • ProStar® by Linde
  • Tweco®
  • Bernard™

Arc Equipment 

Arc welding, also known as stick welding, is a process that uses an electric arc to generate heat and fuse two metals together. It is one of the more tricky welding processes to master, but it can create strong welds — provided you have access to the right equipment. With nexAir’s suppliers, you know you’ll only get the best: 

  • Miller®
  • Lincoln Electric
  • Fronius

Automated Welding Systems 

Automation is the future of welding.

In fact, robotic welding has been showing promise ever since it was introduced in the 1960s, as it does away with time-consuming processes and fixes. It offers more consistent welds and improves the efficiency and productivity of professional welders.

At nexAir, we have the expertise to create such robots and set up an entire automation system for you. We also provide service and customer support long after the system has been installed. 

Conclusion: Forge Forward with nexAir’s Welding Supplies

For over 80 years, nexAir has been at the forefront of the welding revolution. We have helped clients from several industries operate more efficiently and Forge Forward — not only with our quality supplies but also our extensive KnowHow

Our supplies not only extend to welding equipment but also include ancillary materials — such as shielding gases, safety gear, and power tools.

With the help of our trusted suppliers, we want to ensure the success of every single one of our clients — no matter the type or scale of their crucial welding projects.

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