Expert Gas Handling: Best Practices and Tips From nexAir’s Specialists

Quality and safety are at the core of nexAir’s operations. We prioritize safety at source, in transit, and on-site for all our compressed gases to prevent damage and injury to handlers and properties. Equipping our customers with the right knowledge on safe handling, storage, and utilization through training and reliable assistance is vital to our business.

Here are some established guidelines from our gas experts at nexAir:

Know Your Gas

We emphasize the importance of being well-versed with the characteristics, requirements, and applications of each gas product. Flammable gases like hydrogen and acetylene should be stored away from oxidizing gases like nitrous oxide, oxygen, chlorine, compressed air, and other incompatible substances. Improper use can lead to suboptimal results or cause damage and harm. 

Use Personal Protective Equipment

Wearing protective personal equipment like safety goggles, face shields, gloves, protective clothing, and shoes is a must when handling gas cylinders. These are essential to prevent or minimize injury if accidents happen as they protect direct contact with hazardous materials, and provide stable footing. They also shield workers from respiratory, hearing, and visual risks. 

Handle Securely

Carry and transport cylinders upright and away from heat sources and flames. Do not manually carry heavy cylinders. Instead, use carts or forklifts to move them from one point to another. Avoid dropping the cylinder as this may cause it to leak, risking exposure and explosion.  

Store Cylinders in Secure Environments

Store cylinders in an upright position, keeping them in dry and well-ventilated environments. Secure them with safety chains, straps, or cages to keep them from falling or being knocked over. Keep them away from the sun, walkways, and doors. 

Strictly Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Each gas, whether pure or mixed, has specific characteristics and uses. All handlers should be made aware of this. They must strictly adhere to protocols outlined by the manufacturer in terms of handling, storage, and usage.

No Tampering

Never tamper with the compressed gas cylinders, especially the pressure relief device. Do not modify the valve and keep it securely in place to prevent any leaks. 

Inspect Cylinders Regularly

Perform routine inspections of cylinders to check for wear and tear or signs of leakage. Report any damaged cylinders immediately so they can be properly disposed of or replaced. Use a leak detection fluid to trace potentially hazardous gas leaks. If you detect a gas leak, evacuate the area and ask for emergency assistance. 

Organize Your Storage System

Label gas cylinders according to type and use. Install proper signage in the designated storage area to warn workers of flammable gases. Separate empty cylinders and segregate flammables from oxidizers. 

Emergency Protocol

Ensure that all personnel who work with gas cylinders are properly trained and equipped regarding the correct handling, storing, and use of the gases. They should also have access to emergency wash stations and the contact details of emergency responders. 

In addition, workers should be given first aid training and be briefed on emergency evacuation protocols should leaks or accidental exposure occur.

Success Begins With Safety

nexAir’s KnowHow provides proper training to your personnel, minimizing the risk of accidents and health hazards in the workplace. We share updated and relevant industry knowledge so you can maximize the use of our industrial gases without compromising safety or efficiency.

For reliable, precise, and safe gas supplies, get in touch with us today or visit a nexAir location near you. With nexAir, you can Forge Forward with peace of mind and confidence. 


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