Fire and Ice: nexAir’s Oxygen and Nitrogen in Metal Heat Treatment Processes


Fire and Ice: nexAir’s Oxygen and Nitrogen in Metal Heat Treatment Processes

Metal heat treatment, a process integral to the manufacturing industry, involves heating and subsequently cooling metals. This technique is used to enhance certain characteristics of metals, such as their strength, ductility, and hardness, which are pivotal for various applications.

nexAir’s Oxygen and Nitrogen in This Process

At nexAir, we supply two gases critical to the metal heat treatment process: oxygen and nitrogen. These gases play distinct roles in the treatment cycle.

Oxygen’s Role:

In metal heat treatment, oxygen is primarily used to intensify combustion, generating the high temperatures necessary for the process. NexAir provides high-purity oxygen, which is key for efficient and controlled heating, leading to consistent treatment results.

Nitrogen’s Role:

Nitrogen, on the other hand, is used in cooling and finishing processes. Known for its inert properties, nitrogen aids in achieving desired metal characteristics by controlling the cooling rate and preventing oxidation.

Applications in Various Industries

The use of oxygen and nitrogen in metal heat treatment spans a wide range of industries. From automotive to aerospace, these gases are instrumental in manufacturing components that require specific mechanical properties for optimal performance and safety.

Automotive Industry: In automotive manufacturing, heat-treated metals are used to produce durable and robust components. The controlled use of oxygen and nitrogen in this process ensures parts like engine components, gears, and bearings can withstand high stress and temperatures.

Aerospace Sector: The aerospace industry relies on heat-treated metals for components that demand high strength and resistance to extreme conditions. Oxygen and nitrogen play a vital role in achieving the desired properties in these metals.

General Manufacturing: Beyond these, the application of heat-treated metals extends to everyday products. Kitchen utensils, construction tools, and electronic components benefit from the enhanced properties obtained through oxygen and nitrogen heat treatment.

Advantages of nexAir’s Gases in Heat Treatment

Using nexAir’s high-grade oxygen and nitrogen in heat treatment offers several benefits:

Enhanced Process Efficiency: Our gases optimize the heat treatment cycle, making it more efficient.

Improved Metal Quality: Consistent gas quality ensures that the metals undergo optimal treatment, enhancing their properties.

Reduced Oxidation Risk: Particularly with nitrogen, the risk of oxidation during cooling is significantly reduced.

Adapting to Client Needs

Understanding the unique requirements of each heat treatment process, nexAir tailors its gas solutions to fit the specific needs of our clients. This adaptability ensures that manufacturers receive the most appropriate gas mixture for their particular application.

Forge Forward with nexAir

Leveraging nexAir’s KnowHow™, clients in the metal heat treatment industry benefit from more than just our high-grade oxygen and nitrogen supplies. Our expertise ensures innovative solutions and forward-thinking approaches tailored to their specific needs. This partnership, grounded in our deep understanding in gas applications, places our clients at the forefront of industry advancements, empowering them to navigate the complexities of metal heat treatment with confidence and efficiency.

With nexAir, embrace a future where quality, innovation, and client-focused solutions converge to drive industrial progress.

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