Forge Forward with nexAir Carbonic

Forge Forward with nexAir Carbonic

Did you know that dry ice has many uses outside of classroom science experiments? There are actually a ton of cool, and essential, uses of dry ice across various industries and nexAir Carbonic is here to provide customers with a steady supply – so you never have to run dry of the element that helps you Forge Forward. 


What is dry ice and what is it used for? 


Dry ice can be defined as the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is commonly used for temporary refrigeration, as it does not have a liquid state and sublimates directly from its solid state to a gas state. It has uses across many industries that you may not be aware of. Such as: 


  • Food Beverage 
  • Healthcare
  • Cleaning
  • Entertainment


Within these industries, dry ice is commonly used for practices such as: 


  • Food preservation and storage
  • Carbonating beverages
  • Dry ice blasting
  • Theater/Halloween effects
  • Freezing and transporting biological samples


Let’s take a closer look at some of the main uses of dry ice!


Dry Ice Blasting

 Dry ice blasting, a non-abrasive cleaning method, has gained popularity in industrial cleaning applications. The high-speed impact of the dry ice pellets removes contaminants such as rust, grease and paint, without damaging the surface. The technique is environmentally friendly, as no harsh chemicals or secondary waste get let out into the atmosphere. 


Cooling Processes

 Dry ice is used for various cooling purposes. It can rapidly freeze products, leading to efficient production and packaging of products. Dry ice serves industries such as plastics, food and beverage and healthcare. All of these benefit from the unique characteristics of dry ice and its ability to maintain low temperatures during critical stages, preventing damage or degradation. 


Healthcare and Research

 Dry ice is critical to the healthcare and research industry due to its ability to keep samples, organs and blood at optimal temperatures, at all times. Specifically, during transportation, dry ice stays much cooler than regular ice, which makes it a preferred packaging method amongst the industry. 


nexAir Carbonic

nexAir Carbonic delivers a steady supply of dry ice to food production facilities, healthcare clinics, research facilities, universities, labs, and other businesses. nexAir Carbonic dry ice is available in blocks, sliced blocks, pellets, and cryo-rice. Lean on our KnowHow™ to leverage our reliable supply and applied knowledge to help you use our product for your specific needs. Ready to get started? Reach out to our team today! We would be happy to guide you in the process, allowing you to Forge Forward in every project you tackle.

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