Forging Careers: The Importance of Welding Supplies in Training Programs





Forging Careers: The Importance of Welding Supplies in Training Programs

In modern industrial landscapes, training programs play a big role in preparing future, or current, welders for careers in various trades. Among these skills, welding rises to the top as a fundamental and in-demand skill, playing an essential role to industries such as construction, manufacturing and infrastructure development. Within these training programs, having the most up-to-date welding supplies is crucial, as they form the backbone of practical education, allowing welders to gain hands-on experience in their craft. 

At nexAir, we believe that training your employees is key to making your business more efficient and profitable. Our team applies our KnowHow to help you Forge Forward through our Advanced Welding and Cutting Demonstration Labs. Here’s more on the importance of welding supplies when training: 


Wide range of safety gear and tools available 

From protective gear like helmets, gloves and aprons, to the machinery itself, each component plays a vital role in the education and skill development of welders from all skill levels. Demonstration labs and programs that provide access to this equipment offer students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with industry-standard tools and gain practical KnowHow in a controlled learning environment. 


Emphasis on safety

One of the main reasons as to why welding supplies hold such high value in training programs is safety. Proper safety equipment is non-negotiable in this field, as the process involves exposure to intense heat, sparks and fumes. By ensuring that students have access to quality safety gear, programs promote an emphasis on safety from the very beginning, making sure all involved fully understand the importance of protecting themselves in these hazardous conditions. The early onset of safety not only starts responsible work habits, but also reduces the risk of accidents and injuries in future workspaces. 


Diverse welding supplies

The availability of diverse welding supplies allows students to gain proficiency across various welding applications. Different welding processes like MIG, TIG and Stick Welding, require specific equipment and consumables – all of which are taught and offered in the labs. At nexAir, we provide our students with hands-on training on equipment such as laser welding and cutting systems, CNC-controlled cutting tables, robotic work cells, automation systems, plasma cutting systems and more. The exposure to this equipment helps future welders understand the importance of maintaining and utilizing equipment effectively, a skill that is invaluable in professional settings. 


Forge Forward with nexAir training

As you can see, welding supplies and equipment are integral to the effectiveness of training programs designed for the next generation of skilled welders. By prioritizing safety, allowing for the exposure to new and diverse techniques and facilitating hands-on learning, these supplies form the basis of a comprehensive and beneficial welding background. 


At nexAir, our team can train your employees on all of the latest welding techniques using the latest welding gear to keep you working as smartly and efficiently as possible. If you are interested in learning more about our Demonstration Labs and training programs, please reach out to us today. 

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