Healthcare Gas and New Technology: How nexAir KnowHow is Helping the Industry Forge Forward

Healthcare Gas and New Technology: How Nexair Knowhow is Helping the Industry Forge Forward

If there’s one thing that every hospital, medical research lab, incubator, or bioreactor needs, it’s access to high-quality contamination-free gases.

As the last few years of the COVID-19 pandemic have shown, a sudden shortage of an important gas — in this case oxygen — can wreak havoc on fragile healthcare systems that are struggling to deal with patients.

For medical facilities that are focused on their patients’ well-being, getting access to sources of high-quality resources can be time-consuming and frustrating.

After all, there are thousands of use cases for instrument-grade gases and custom gas mixtures, leaving healthcare administrators with many tough choices. 

nexAir: Forge Forward With Reliable, Quality Gases 

This is where nexAir, one of the leading suppliers of medical gases in the US, comes in. We want the best for our clients and your patients which is why we’re committed to helping healthcare facilities Forge Forward. By providing a continuous supply of reliable, quality gases, you can focus on innovation and delivering the best patient care.

Whether you need bulk gas supplies, cylinders, or portable systems, nexAir has the KnowHow to install, maintain and monitor them all. 

But what are the important medical gases nexAir supplies? And how can they be used in medical settings?

Common Medical Gases


As a gas, nitrogen is a carrier, diluent, or nebulization gas that’s useful for various analytical instruments. Meanwhile, liquid nitrogen can be used to freeze and preserve biological samples, including bone marrow, sperm, cell lines, and heat valves. 

It’s also used in gas absorption systems and MRI instruments.


O2 is critical for the survival of bacteria, animal, and plant cells, which is why it is commonly used in incubators and bioreactors. It’s also used in patient care when there is insufficient oxygen in the blood (a common occurrence during the global health crisis). 


Helium can help patients breathe easier. Since it has a very low boiling point, the liquid form of helium is also commonly used in cooling NMR and MRI magnets, enabling the reduction of electrical resistance and their conversion into superconductors. 

Carbon Dioxide

CO2 is commonly used in insufflation or the administration of drugs into the body. Much like oxygen, the compound can also be used to cultivate bacteria as well as promote animal and plant cell growth in incubators and bioreactors. 

In its solid form (dry ice), carbon dioxide helps in the preservation, storage, and shipment of biological samples because of its extremely low temperature and resistance to contamination. 

Nitrous Oxide

Sometimes referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is extremely helpful as an analgesic or for sedating patients who are about to undergo medical procedures. 


Argon is used in several analytical instruments, such as atomic emission, atomic absorption, and mass spectrometers. 


Hydrogen is used as a carrier gas in several gas chromatography and mass spectrometry applications. It’s also used in atomic emission spectroscopy and atomic absorption spectroscopy.


Since lives are on the line, there is no room for error in the medical industry. No one is more aware of this than nexAir’s team of experts. As one of the leading medical gas suppliers since 1940, nexAir’s KnowHow has helped dozens of hospitals, surgery centers, hyperbaric wound centers, dental offices, and healthcare companies Forge Forward. All the gases we supply are filled at FDA-compliant plants. 

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