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What makes specialty gases for healthcare special? 


Healthcare is constantly changing and evolving, demanding more products, tools, research and innovations daily. What makes the production of gases any different? With new technology and research, we are able to mix gases that are more precise, with higher levels of purity than we have previously seen before. We have extremely high standards when it comes to crafting our specialty gases, which means we will not ship out a cylinder unless it is perfect. To do this, our in-house chemists take their years of KnowHow to conduct research that ensures every gas mixture matches each specific application that they will be used for. For hospitals, surgery centers, hyperbaric wound treatment centers, dental offices, and home healthcare companies, all nexAir medical gases are produced at our FDA-compliant fill plants. Another characteristic of nexAir specialty gases is the complexity of the process and finished product. When you think about gases for smaller, less complex applications, you typically see one to two gases that are easily combined to fill a tank and then sent off for use right away. However, with specialty gases, especially gases for healthcare, the mixtures are far more complex. One application could require 10 to 20 different gases, while another could require up to 30. This requires high attention to detail and lots of patience throughout the process – and our nexAir chemists and engineers have mastered just that! 


Our Spec gas labs can deliver: 


  • Research-grade gases
  • NIST traceable mixtures
  • Custom certified calibration mixes
  • Anaerobic and aerobic biological mixtures
  • Identical precision fills multiple cylinders simultaneously
  • PS calibration mixes
  • EPA Protocol
  • Industrial hygiene mixes
  • Specialty gas equipment


The nexAir specialty gas process

When you contact us at nexAir, one of our in-house chemist will take the key characteristics of your specific needs and situation and then conduct further research at one of our two labs to prepare for a perfect solution. Both of our industry leading labs are equipped with the most innovative and modern technology, to ensure the most precise and efficient fills. We then use our KnowHow to craft something up to meet you and your patients specifications. 


With the high demands of medical gases, you can rest assured knowing that nexAir Healthcare is right around the corner ready and able to meet your needs, while exceeding expectations. Reach out to us and one of our two labs located in Memphis, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia will get started today. At nexAir, we put our KnowHow to work to help our customers, and in this case, their patients, continue to Forge Forward one cylinder at a time. 

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