How ACM Can Help You Forge Forward

How ACM can help you Forge Forward

Managing cylinders has never been easier with nexTracks’ Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM). ACM allows nexAir to manage our cylinders across plants, branches, and customer sites using unique identification numbers and barcodes – allowing nexAir to deliver a more robust customer experience. How does this help you Forge Forward? Our advanced system gives customers ease of mind in knowing that their cylinders are being tracked correctly at all times.

Quality control

Sometimes the lab can be busy and hectic at times, but with ACM you don’t have to worry about your cylinders getting misplaced, lost or shipped to someone else. Each cylinder, including those for industrial and medical use, as well as all dry ice boxes, comes with a unique barcode which can be tracked by lot numbers in real-time. This allows you to know where your cylinders are no matter where you may be.

Benefits to the customer include:

  • More accurate cylinder balances – you can be confident that you are being billed correctly, without a doubt.
  • Electronically scanned ships and returns – no more handwritten notes!
  • Cylinders never get lost and are always trackable via a highly accurate tracking system.
  • Lower to no chance of cylinders being swapped to different end-users.
  • Cylinders are always exactly where they belong!
  • Real time tracking minimizes errors providing our customers with more accurate monthly statements – saving you money.

Benefits within the facility include:

  • Manage cylinders within your own facility.
  • Assign cylinders to internal jobs and people.
  • Allocate gas costs or rental costs to the correct department.
  • Give the correct department credit when credit is due!

How it works:

Before you receive your cylinders we place a unique barcode on your items and scan them every time they leave or enter a location. Once scanned in, you can expect reports that allow you to analyze the gases in each cylinder, allowing you to determine when the next fill or re-order is required. If there is any confusion, questions or concerns throughout the process, we will be in constant communication to make sure you are educated and informed on your cylinder tracking.

Advanced Cylinder Management is one of the fastest-growing features of our nexTrack delivery system, contributing to our customer’s ability to Forge Forward in all the projects they take on. If this sounds like something that you or your facility may be interested in, please contact us! As always, everything is always one click away and our team will be ready and eager to answer questions using their expert KnowHow.

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