How Effective is a Blast Chiller?

How Effective is a Blast Chiller?

Many restaurants are realizing the importance of blast chillers in commercial kitchens. This type of refrigeration unit rapidly cools down food products to extend shelf life without compromising quality. It also reduces food wastage. Now, it’s a necessity in food-related industries, such as dining establishments and catering services.

The blast chillers market already surpassed $1 billion in 2020. It’s expected to have a 7% growth by 2027. If you’re in the food business, there could potentially be significant market expansions for you as well. And blast chillers could help you take advantage. 

Here’s all you need to know about blast chillers: What they do and how effective they are. 


What is the Purpose of a Blast Chiller?

A blast chiller quickly and safely lowers food temperature to extend shelf life and prevent food products from losing nutrients. It cools down food much quicker than regular freezers can, allowing them to slow down spoilage and minimize food waste.

For example, blast chillers are used to prepare sorbet and ice cream. These products cool down quickly, allowing them to retain their original flavor and texture.

A blast chiller is also effective in preparing food products for cold storage. Since it can chill or freeze batches of food right away, it speeds up the food preparation process in dining establishments, catering companies, and other types of commercial kitchens.


How Do Kitchens Benefit from a Blast Chiller?

Food products that sit within the 41°F to 135°F temperature range for up to four consecutive hours are in danger of spoiling. These must be thrown away for health and safety purposes. Blast chillers act quickly to prevent spoilage and food wastage as well as to preserve nutrients and prevent ice crystals from altering taste and texture.

Blast chillers are effective in doing the following:

  • Maintaining the moisture and quality of food products
  • Retaining the vitamins and nutrients in food products
  • Locking in the original taste and texture of food
  • Speeding up the food preparation process
  • Preventing microbiological contamination
  • Extending shelf life


What Makes Blast Chillers Different from Freezers?

Blast chillers effectively cool down food products regardless of their initial temperature. They may feature shelves that can hold multiple food pans in case you need to store food products at low temperatures for an extended period. In this sense, blast chillers are quite similar to blast freezers and commercial freezers.

The main difference between blast chillers and blast freezers is that the latter is designed specifically to freeze food right away. Commercial freezers can’t cool down food as quickly as blast chillers and blast freezers can, but they can keep food products frozen for a long time. All three can accommodate chilled or frozen food in bulk.

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