How Industrial Gas Companies Ensure Safety in Gas Handling

How Industrial Gas Companies Ensure Safety in Gas Handling

Countless industries rely on a steady supply of high-quality industrial gas. While they’re indispensable to global economies and our everyday lives, using them has its fair share of risks. Many gases are flammable or toxic, so people who work with them must handle and maintain them properly.

Equally important are the measures that companies employ for the safety of their workers. Let’s take a look at some initiatives that help organizations maintain safety in their operations.

Reminder #1: Handle Cylinders with Care 

Gas cylinders must be handled and stored with the safety of employees and facilities in mind. This is especially important because gases are stored in high-pressure cylinders. If these containers are mishandled or damaged, they could create a leak of toxic fumes. Even worse, they can cause an explosion. Industrial gas companies should thus always: 

  • Store cylinders in an upright position
  • Keep them in well-ventilated areas, away from heat and direct sunlight
  • Ensure all cylinders are labeled correctly with their contents and potential hazards clearly written
  • Attach regulators to cylinders
  • Avoid dropping, or dragging cylinders across the ground
  • Use proper lifting techniques
  • Keep the protective cap on at all times regardless of whether the cylinder is empty or not
  • Keep certain gas cylinders (such as oxygen) away from combustible materials

Reminder #2: Invest in Training

Any company that works with industrial gases must invest in training, so staff is armed with the right KnowHow. This could include giving tips on handling procedures and emergency protocols or teaching the proper use of personal protective equipment. 

During training, industrial gas companies can also give their employees a better understanding of the types of gases they work with, how they react with each other, and the potential hazards associated with each. 

Reminder #3: Prepare for Emergencies

When dealing with hazardous substances, companies must be prepared for any eventuality by having emergency protocols in place. This could involve providing clear directions for evacuation or assigning personnel who are responsible for first aid. Reinforcing these protocols through regular drills goes a long way in preventing potential injuries or fatalities in case of a disaster. 

Reminder #4: Regularly Maintain Equipment 

Some safety issues can be identified and dealt with at an early stage, provided the industrial gas company follows strict monitoring and maintenance schedules. From finding and fixing leaks to regularly inspecting storage systems, and monitoring cylinder pressure and gas levels, a few steps go a long way in preventing any untoward incidents.

Forge Forward Safely with nexAir

Gas companies know that safety is and should be a top priority. This is a principle that nexAir abides by and supports. Since the 1940s, we have been known not just for selling high-quality safety products, but also for our safety expertise which has helped companies Forge Forward with fewer risks and incidents.

We train our personnel to handle, fill, and transport cylinders following the strictest international safety standards. Our employees train for months which is documented in accordance with our ISO certifications. Allow us to share our KnowHow with you. Whether it’s guidance on preparing for emergencies or questions related to maintenance, your company’s safety matters to us.

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