How Long Does Dry Ice Last in Packaging?

How long does dry ice last in packaging?

When it comes to shipping items, especially those that are perishable, dry ice is a very compelling option due to its ability to keep objects at a constant low temperature, for a longer period of time. At nexAir, we are happy to provide our customers with high-quality dry ice and services with expert KnowHow assistance every step of the way. 

What is dry ice? 

To simply put it, dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide sublimates directly from the solid state into a gas state, therefore never becoming a liquid at normal atmospheric pressure. It freezes at a temperature of -109 degrees Fahrenheit, making it extremely cold to the touch. Dry ice has many uses in various industries and is extremely beneficial, at that. 

Uses of Dry Ice

Common uses of dry ice include, but are not limited to:

  • Refrigeration of food and beverage items such as meats, frozen foods and ice cream
  • Preserve materials and increase shelf-life
  • The carbonation of drinks
  • Fog machines for theatrical purposes, clubs, haunted houses, etc 
  • Used in the medical industry to keep items fresh, or even during the removal of warts
  • Blast cleaning – using dry ice pellets to safely and effectively clean surfaces
  • Laboratory uses 

Benefits of Working with Dry Ice

Due to its ability to remain at a cold temperature for a long period of time, dry ice holds many great benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to: 

  • Dry ice does not melt and won’t ruin any items that are being packaged or preserved. 
  • As previously mentioned, dry ice remains in its cold state for a long time, allowing perishable items to stay fresh during shipping or storage. 
  • With dry ice blasting, the surface being cleaned is never harmed by the non-abrasive pellets. However, the cleaning is just as good, if not better, than other traditional methods. 

How long does dry ice last for shipping? 

Well, it depends on the quantity or poundage of dry ice that is being used. For example, you can expect 5-10 pounds of dry ice to sublimate every 24 hours. 8-10 pounds can last up to 48 hours, and so on. With shipping, it is always recommended to use at least a 5-pound block just to ensure that your items stay fresh during their journey to the final destination. If you are questioning how much dry ice your package needs to stay fresh, feel free to reach out to us! One of our team members would love to guide you with their KnowHow and talk through what type and how much you will need to Forge Forward. 

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