How Long Will 10 lbs of Dry Ice Last on Average?

How Long Will 10 Lbs of Dry Ice Last on Average?


Dry ice is important in the preservation, storage, and shipment of biological samples. Hence, it’s commonly used in DNA research, genetic engineering, pharmaceutical lab applications, and other commercial and industrial applications.

Dry ice is essentially solidified carbon dioxide. It’s colorless, odorless, and generally safe since a low concentration of carbon dioxide gas is always present in the environment.  

The average quantity of dry ice used in regular freezers and refrigerators is unlikely to cause health problems. The most pressing concerns in relation to dry ice are how to handle it and how long it typically lasts. nexAir addresses these concerns below.


How long does dry ice last on average?

When handling dry ice, you’ll need to wear insulated gloves because it’s colder than regular ice and can cause a frostbite-like burn. It is also recommended that you wear a face shield and safety glasses when you’re cutting into it. 

Be aware of symptoms that indicate overexposure to carbon dioxide like headaches, nausea, and difficulty breathing.

Having said that, order an appropriate dry ice size and weight for your use. For example, you can expect 10 lbs of dry ice to last for up to 24 hours in a 25-quart cooler. The same amount of dry ice will last up to 4 hours in a 50-quart cooler. If you want your items to remain frozen for 24 hours, you’ll need 15 lbs of dry ice for a 50-quart cooler and 25 lbs of dry ice for a 100-quart cooler 

You can maximize your dry ice and keep your items frozen for longer by adding extra insulation to the container and keeping it out of direct sunlight.


What are the different uses of dry ice?

Dry ice has various commercial and industrial applications. The most common uses are:

  • Healthcare and Medical Research: Dry ice is a cost-effective alternative for specialized freezers that store vaccines, biological samples, and organs.
  • Storage and Shipping: Perishable products may become damaged when exposed to room temperature or higher temperatures for prolonged periods.
  • Plumbing Repairs: Professional plumbers sometimes use dry ice to freeze water pipes when they’re conducting plumbing repair and maintenance work.
  • Dry Ice Blast Cleaning: Compressed air is a dry and abrasive-free way of getting rid of dirt and contamination on any surface.
  • Special Effects: Photographers, theaters, and filmmakers sometimes use dry ice to achieve temporary fog effects to create visual illusions.


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