How nexAir Automation Demos Save You Time and Money

How nexAir Automation demos save you time and money

How nexAir Automation Demos Save You Time and Money

At nexAir, our KnowHow is your KnowHow. Here’s what we mean by that. We want every single customer to Forge Forward, and be successful when they purchase equipment from us. That is why we take our industry learned expertise and put it into hands-on training for you and your employees to take part in. All of the latest welding technologies that we offer were built with one thing in mind: the user. At the nexAir Demonstration Labs, you can experience everything firsthand – before or after you buy. We can train your employees on the latest welding techniques using the latest welding gear to keep you working as smartly as possible.

nexAir Provides Classroom and Hands-On Training For:

  • Laser welding and cutting systems
  • Pulsed-MIG, TIG, sub-arc equipment and MIG welding
  • CNC controlled cutting tables
  • Robotic work cells
  • Automation systems
  • Robotic positioning equipment
  • Plasma cutting systems

Benefits of nexAir Automation Demos:

Aside from fully learning the ins-and-outs of that brand new system you just bought, nexAir automation demos have many great benefits to you and your team. Here’s a couple of big ones.

Saves You Time

Have you ever purchased a new automation system thinking that it would solve all of your production problems, just to be sitting for hours trying to 1. Learn the system yourself and 2. Proceed to teach it to your team? Yeah, we’ve all been there – and it’s frustrating to say the least. However, you don’t have to go through the extra time and struggles of learning the system on your own anymore. With nexAir automation demos, you can watch, learn and experience all of the features of and techniques of your equipment from our team of highly skilled and experienced experts. That way, you can get started immediately after you receive your system – allowing you to tackle your jobs with confidence right away.

Saves You Money

You don’t have to purchase any kind of promising workbook, instruction videos or class from an outside source to learn how to do your job. You also don’t need to pay someone to come out and teach your crew the techniques needed to successfully complete their projects. Believe us when we say that this is a complete game changer when it comes to saving money. Your team can learn not only everything they need to know, but also all of the latest tips, tricks and techniques all while getting hands-on experience with our team of experts. On top of that, we are confident that once you and your team go through our demos, you won’t have to call in an outside source to teach you how to use your system down the road. This is a big way to eliminate unwanted and unnecessary spending upfront.

Let’s Forge Forward, together!

Having a complete understanding of the equipment and systems that you are using is key to productivity and a successful operation. We want nothing more than for your team to have confidence in what they are doing and Forge Forward in all that they do. Lean onto our industry learned KnowHow and save your business time and money with the nexAir demonstration labs. We also sell every piece of equipment we have in the demo lab. If you like what you see, you can start working more efficiently as soon as possible. Ready to learn? Contact us today!

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