How nexAir is Helping Healthcare Heroes Forge Forward

How nexAir is Helping Healthcare Heroes Forge Forward

The healthcare industry is one of the most important industries in the world. The importance of their functions can not be overemphasized and a fact that has been made in recent times. Indeed, with recent events across the world, we have been given a reminder of how much of a hero they have been, and are still.

We at nexAir have been a great partner with the industry, offering our KnowHow to help the industry Forge Forward. The industry performs some of its functions with the help of different medical gases, and this is where we come in. But what exactly are the uses of gases in the healthcare industry?

The Uses of Gases in the Healthcare Industry

The health industry is vast and gases are employed for a variety of things in different sectors of the industry. The type of gas that is used in the healthcare industry is referred to as medical gas. Medical gas usage varies from one sector of the industry to the other. Medical gases are required for many applications within the healthcare industry like dental offices, surgery rooms, hyperbaric wound treatment centers and home healthcare companies.

In the industry, medical gases are employed for surgery, therapy, anaesthetics, resuscitation and as medical air, among other numerous functions. With our KnowHow, we can identify the uses of these gases, and supply them to you accordingly, to help you Forge Forward.

There are a lot of gases, and many of them are available for various uses. Which ones are then used for healthcare?

Types of Medical Gases

There are different types of gases available, but few of them are fit to be deployed medically for the treatment of patients.

  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Argon
  • Helium


In the healthcare industry, oxygen is used to treat patients when they have insufficient oxygen in the blood referred to as hypoxemia and hypoxia. It is also administered for prevention. It is either supplied through Vacumn System Evaporator or cylinders. This is perhaps the most known gas in the industry.


This gas is utilized to treat skin or tissue infections through cryosurgery. It is directed at the affected area which it freezes. It is also employed to store tissues, blood, cell samples and other biological specimens in cryogenic temperatures. It is also applied in pre-flight lung testing

Lastly, it is utilized to power surgical equipment during different surgical procedures.

Nitrous Oxide

It is commonly referred to as laughing gas and it is used by dentists as an analgesic and an anaesthetic. It is also used to perform other types of surgeries that require analgesic and anaesthetic.

Carbon Dioxide

It is mostly used as an insufflation gas during surgery. It is used to enlarge body parts so that the affected part that is to be operated on can be easily seen. In combination with oxygen, it can also be used to treat different respiratory disorders.

Carbon Monoxide

This is used for lung diffusion testing, to see how well the lungs can exchange gases. It is also used to programme machines used to administer anaesthetics.


Increasingly in the medical field, argon lasers are being used in surgeries because of their precision. It is also used to perform cryosurgery, and also treat arrhythmia through cryoablation.


Helium is used to treat respiratory problems like asthma and also helping to treat airway resistance. In its liquid form, it allows MRI machines to produce high-resolution images without exposing the body to radiation.

How NexAir Is Helping Healthcare Heroes

Every day, you work hard and also make life choices for your patients. You worry about a lot of things concerning your patients, your gas supply should not be one of the worries you have. At nexAir, we help you take on the responsibility of worrying about gas supplies so you can focus on what is important. Using our KnowHow, we will asess your medical gas needs and supply either bulk gas, cylinders or portable oxygen and nitrogen systems.

We value your contributions to society, and we are here to help you Forge Forward by taking up your worries and allowing you to focus on what is more important, your patients.

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