How Welding Automation Streamlines Surface Transport Vehicles Fabrication

How Welding Automation Streamlines Surface Transport Vehicles Fabrication

Many industries heavily rely on flatbed trucks and shipping containers for their operational logistics. From manufacturing to construction, distribution, and agriculture, these hardy flatbed trucks are widely used for their flexibility and ability to carry tons of weight.

Their open roofs and side structures maximize their carriage spaces, making loading and unloading easier while requiring less cleaning and maintenance.

Shipping containers are also widely used to transport goods by sea and land. They are made with weathering steel, making them durable and suitable for storing, shipping, and handling heavy materials.    

nexAir: Meeting the Growing Demand

Because there is a high demand for these surface vehicles, their fabrication has become a thriving industry in many parts of the country and the world. The pace of business and the growing global markets that various companies need to serve require reliable supply and maintenance of this transport equipment. 

They are crucial in the smooth transit and movement of goods from one point to another in vast distribution networks. 

To meet this need, fabricators and suppliers have employed welding automation to meet their clients’ requirements through advanced processes. Ensuring improved speed and precision through semi or fully automated functions, this streamlined process offers better cost efficiency, productivity, and profitability. 

Production lines utilizing nexAir-engineered and installed spot welders and contact welding mechanisms, superior welding techniques, and materials add value to our clients’ operations and the various industries they serve.

nexAir KnowHow Helps You Go Places

We understand your need to meet market demands and increase revenue. With nexAir KnowHow, we provide not only the supplies but also the expertise to help fabricators and suppliers automate their process with uncompromised quality. 

You can rely on our team’s highly trained experts for technical support from technology acquisition to training for robot technology and semi automation. We also provide engineering consultancy, asset management, and repair.  

From feasibility to development to system specifications, we equip your people with knowledge and skills to make the most of the technology and supplies we provide.

We offer key process automation including fusion welding, pressure welding, and brazing/soldering.

Our automation provides:

  • Excellent control systems
  • Efficient production cycles
  • Strong industrial structures
  • An array of precision welding tools to choose from
  • Miniscule tolerances regardless of product size
  • Productivity
  • Superior welding quality

These benefits optimize your automated processes, revenue, and creates flatbed trucks and shipping containers with long-term durability, improved output, and production speed.

Our Forge Forward Approach

The key to business growth is seizing opportunities. As the global market continues to expand, evolve, and raise its demands, businesses must keep up and respond. While there are challenges along the way, we believe that stepping up to enlarge one’s capacity and reach is a matter of performance and having the right partnerships.

At nexAir, we provide not only products and services but reliable support that goes beyond transactional partnership. We empower businesses to reach their goals — whether it’s increasing production, enhancing logistics, or expanding their market.

Our products create value-adding machinery with different functions. Similarly, we also equip our clients with the relevant technology to fuel their success. Along the way, we build strong bonds powered by our commitment to create solutions and possibilities for their business. 

We help our clients Forge Forward by helping them streamline their processes and maximize their growth potential.

At nexAir, we provide automation that helps you go beyond borders and reach for new heights.


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