Hydrogen Peroxide: A Healthcare Essential Enabled by Hydrogen Gas

Hydrogen Peroxide: A Healthcare Essential Enabled by Hydrogen Gas

You know that big brown bottle that you’ve always had in the back of your medicine cabinet? Hydrogen peroxide, a staple for basic first aid needs, is a versatile chemical compound that has become essential in many different healthcare settings. What you may not be aware of, is that hydrogen peroxide relies on another very common element – hydrogen gas (H2). At nexAir, we provide our customers of various industries, but in this case, the healthcare industry, with high-quality, consistent supplies of hydrogen gas that allow them to Forge Forward in their day-to-day tasks. Keep reading as we use our KnowHow to explore the role of hydrogen gas in the production of hydrogen peroxide and its significance to the healthcare industry. 


Common Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide in Healthcare

As we mentioned, hydrogen peroxide is a common tool in healthcare due to its potent antimicrobial properties. While it plays many roles, it can act as a powerful disinfectant, effectively killing bacteria, viruses and fungi. In everyday medical settings, hydrogen peroxide is used to clean wounds, sanitize surfaces and sterilize medical equipment. Its ability to break down in water and oxygen makes it a safe and environmentally friendly option among others. However, hydrogen peroxide doesn’t just magically make itself. The production requires a reliable supply of hydrogen gas – the essential building block for this compound. 


How Hydrogen Gas Enables the Production of Hydrogen Peroxide

In case we haven’t already mentioned it enough, hydrogen gas plays a critical role in the production of hydrogen peroxide. This colorless, odorless gas serves as a raw material for the chemical reaction that produces hydrogen peroxide. The process is called anthraquinone autoxidation – where the hydrogen gas reacts with anthraquinone, a catalyst, to produce hydrogen peroxide. However, the outcome is only as good as what’s put in. Meaning that the quality and purity of the hydrogen gas used in this process have a direct effect on the quality and effectiveness of the hydrogen peroxide. That’s why it is important to have a reliable supply of high-quality hydrogen gas, such as what we provide our customers with at nexAir. We completely understand that this is essential for the production of healthcare-grade hydrogen peroxide – and our customers will never receive anything less than the best. 


The Diverse Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide in Healthcare Settings

Hydrogen peroxide, produced from hydrogen gas, has extensive use in a variety of healthcare applications. It is utilized in practices such as wound care, mouthwash, dental procedures and surface disinfectant in healthcare facilities. The versatility and safe use of hydrogen peroxide makes it a great tool for infection control, promoting the health and safety of patients and healthcare workers. 


Hydrogen peroxide, a critical component in the healthcare industry, would not be what it is without the contribution of hydrogen gas. Ensuring that you have a reliable supply of high-quality and high-purity hydrogen gas enables the production of high-quality hydrogen peroxide. If you or your business are in need of a consistent supply of this gas, please feel free to contact our team today – we would be happy to share more of our KnowHow and get you started! 

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