Industrial Cooling With CO2: nexAir’s Solutions For Efficient Processes

Industrial Cooling With CO2: nexAir’s Solutions For Efficient Processes

Carbon Dioxide is a gas with multiple uses, and one of its less-known uses is as a coolant. It is a preferred option because it is more favorable to the environment as it has minimal impact on global warming, compared to its other alternatives like Hydrofluorocarbons. Carbon Dioxide, also called CO2, is gradually becoming globally recognized as an industrial refrigerant, and there’s little wonder why.

Advantages Of Using CO2 As An Industrial Coolant

In addition to its environmental friendliness, other advantages of CO2 as an industrial coolant include:

Reduced Kinematic Viscosity

Kinematic viscosity is the degree of a liquid’s resistance to gravity. Due to its molecular structure and weight, Carbon Dioxide has a low viscosity that allows it to move freely, a great attribute for a coolant.

Effective Heat Transfer

Thermal conductivity is of utmost importance in industrial cooling, and CO2’s molecular structure allows it to easily absorb and disperse heat.

Low Surface Tension

CO2’s low surface tension enables it to spread uniformly through surfaces, making it a great option in cooling applications.


Since it occurs naturally in the atmosphere, it is inexpensive and affordable to use.

Effective Application of Carbon Dioxide As A Coolant

Carbon Dioxide is applied in the following refrigeration cycles:

Subcritical Application

Also referred to as cascade systems, this system involves operating temperatures and pressure below the critical point of a refrigerant gas. CO2 is a good coolant that evaporates when it absorbs heat. In this state, it moves to a liquid state when it condenses and compresses. This makes it a great option for refrigeration, air-conditioned systems, and other cooling systems.

Transcritical Application

For this cooling system, the working system is higher than the refrigerant gas critical point. As such, there is no traditional transformation from the gaseous to the liquid state. Rather, the presence of high discharge pressure causes the regulation of pipes and controls where the design pressure is 120 barC.

Pressure Optimization

Energy consumption can be minimized when the operating pressure is properly adjusted. Excess pressure can lead to energy wastage, while not even pressure can lead to insufficient cooling. Finding the perfect pressure is a primary factor in effective cooling.

Heat Recovery

As the cooling process is ongoing, some heat goes unused, and heat recovery captures and repurposes this energy. This approach not only optimizes energy efficiency but also adds a sustainable touch to industrial operations. By using heat recovery, industries employing CO2 for cooling not only chill effectively but also utilize every bit of warmth.

Thermal Shielding

This is a crucial part of industrial cooling using CO2. It ensures pipes and other equipment maintain their coolness, preventing unnecessary heat loss or gain and ensuring consistent cooling.

System Preservation

This involves safeguarding the structural integrity and operational stability of the cooling infrastructure. By conducting regular inspections and addressing potential vulnerabilities on time, you can ensure that the system functions at full function. This approach not only enhances the longevity of the equipment but also sustains the efficiency of the entire cooling process.
Without implementing the right strategies for industrial cooling with Carbon Dioxide, it will be nearly impossible to generate the desired result. Visit our site to learn about getting the required CO2 to move your cooling business to another level.

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