Industrial Uses of Argon

Industrial uses of Argon

If you were asked to list the three most abundant gases on Earth, what would you say? If argon was somewhere on your list, you’re right! Most people are familiar with the two leading gases, nitrogen and oxygen, but have no idea what gas is next in line. Argon falls in the category of an abundant noble gas that does not react with other elements. This leads to the gas not being able to bond with other atoms, consequently not producing more complex compounds. Argon is a colorless, odorless, non-reactive gas that has many industrial uses in various industries. It is a very useful gas and continues to help nexAir customers and employees Forge Forward. 


Industrial Uses: 


Welding and Metal Fabrication 


Argon is most commonly used in the welding and fabrication industry as an inert shielding agent. Since it is such a versatile gas, it can be used for TIG and MIG welding of non-ferrous materials. It is a popular choice amongst welders because it helps to protect the molten metal from contamination caused by atmospheric gases. 


Electrical Light Bulbs


Incandescent lightbulbs are typically filled with inert gases such as argon. Since inert gases don’t react with other elements, using argon for lighting helps to elongate the lifespan of the bulb while preventing the filament from decaying. Argon is commonly used in the aerospace industry in the production of lightbulbs and lasers.  


Food and Beverage


Packaging food and beverages with argon helps to extend the shelf-life, maintain freshness and increase the overall quality of the items. Argon is a great choice for packing because it displaces oxygen more efficiently and prevents oxidation. 




Argon is also commonly used in the automotive industry as a multi-purpose gas in the manufacturing sector. Due to its inert property, it can be used across many different applications such as metal production, fabrication, processing and more. 




Argon gas is used to help increase efficiency and performance in thermal windows. Each section of these windows is filled with gas, like argon, in order to slow the transfer of heat through the windows. Argon is a good choice over air fill because it does not create a layer of fog when the weather gets cooler. 


At nexAir, we have a large supply of high-quality argon available in the following forms: 


  • Cylinder
  • Micro Bulk
  • Bulk
  • Liquid 
  • Gas


If you or your company needs a reliable supply of high-quality argon for your next projects, please reach out to us. One of our experts would be happy to assist you using their applied KnowHow in order to help you continue to Forge Forward in all that you do. 

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