Industry Expertise: Why Trust nexAir for Your Gas Needs

Industry Expertise: Why Trust nexAir for Your Gas Needs

With more than 80 years of experience as a leading gas supplier in the Southeast, nexAir has built a solid reputation among customers across industries.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

While we are known for supplying the highest quality gases for various industrial applications, we also strongly believe in sharing our expertise with our partners, helping them Forge Forward with confidence.

Within our organization, we have engineers, chemists, cryogenic technicians, medical equipment specialists, and welding analysts who monitor all issues and complaints, implement corrective action, and proactively impart our KnowHow to our clients. 

Here are some concrete examples of how we’ve brought our expertise to industry leaders. 

Forging Forward Despite a Helium Shortage

One of our top clients was struggling with a helium shortage while trying to increase production. One of nexAir’s territory managers recommended bringing in a professional company to detect leaks and evaluate our client’s processes. This allowed them to reduce their gas volumes by 33%. After eliminating leaks in production, we further recommended that the client make a slight alteration in their helium mixture, reducing their usage by another 10% without compromising quality. These recommendations helped our client deal with the gas shortage, increase production, and reduce costs.

Keeping Up with Demand through Automation

Another client, based in Georgia, designs and manufactures equipment for various food industries. In 2021, they began to experience an increase in demand for their food-grade machinery, so they reached out to nexAir for any suggestions on new equipment that would help them meet it. 

Our productivity team reviewed their processes and established that they needed higher-quality welds. We suggested an IPG LightWELD handheld laser system. This allowed our client to increase quality and speed without having to train and hire skilled workers. To this day, they continue to rely on nexAir when incorporating automation into their processes. 

Reducing Costs by Switching a Part in Production

A client specializing in kiln installation, repairs, and maintenance was spending a significant amount on grinding wheels. One of nexAir’s territory managers noticed the high volume of wheels that the company was going through and suggested that they switch to an alternative. Our client was reluctant at first because they were used to their processes and equipment.

Eventually, they decided to give it a shot and were surprised at how effective it was. They haven’t looked back since. Over time, our client was able to save 30% from not having to purchase as many grinding wheels — all thanks to our territory manager’s KnowHow

Bottom Line: Forge Forward with nexAir

These examples highlight nexAir’s expertise in various systems and processes from industrial gas supplies to welding supplies and more. Since the 1940s, industries that rely on a steady supply of high-quality gases have come to depend on nexAir.

Whether they’re looking for bulk gas systems, gases with high purity, or specific blends that help them save on costs, clients benefit from nexAir’s KnowHow and are empowered to Forge Forward.

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