Innovating Gas Solutions: nexAir’s Role in Driving Industry Advancements

For several decades, nexAir has been driving industry advancements by supplying quality gases, introducing innovative industrial solutions, and sharing industry knowledge. 

Through KnowHow, our training program, we educate our customers with the latest techniques and the optimum use of our products so they can maximize production, minimize wastage and costs, improve margins, and accelerate growth. 

We provide supplies and knowledge to support clients across various industries such as medicine, research, aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, food industry, and many more. We create and nurture our partnerships with them so they can reach the next level in their journey.

Dynamic and Pioneering Solutions 

nexAir thrives in continuously improving our products and services, adding value to our customers’ operations and enhancing their bottom line. We always seek new ways to help our customers Forge Forward through enhanced capabilities and optimized processes.

Some of these innovations include: 

  • Raising metal purity levels through inert gas solutions
  • Gas-injected casting techniques for greater precision
  • Superior cooling and gas-enhanced solidification
  • Weld-specific tailored gas mixtures
  • Automated gas delivery and monitoring systems

Integrating these techniques into their processes has contributed to their expansion and readiness for the future.

Environmental Consciousness 

We also developed novel strategies to promote sustainability like eco-friendly gas mixtures and gas recycling technologies. We believe there are ways to balance industrial advancement with environmental sustainability. People, profitability, and the planet are at the core of our innovative solutions.

Benefiting Industries and Consumers

Our innovations have empowered our customers to expand their reach. One example is our dry ice technology that enables growers to have their produce distributed to distant locations without sacrificing quality. 

In the medical and research sector, our medical-grade gases and dry ice solutions help ensure the integrity of trials while meeting stringent safety levels in laboratories and hospitals.

Our precision-engineered gases enable companies in the automotive, aerospace, foundry, electronic, and other industries to accept more complex and advanced projects. With our reliable gas supplies and equipment, they can carry out critical processes that ensure their competitiveness, survival, and success.

Our Collaborative Approach

Our aim has always been to provide our customers with gas solutions that meet their specific requirements. The wide range of gas applications in the markets we serve position our products at the forefront of advancements. They enable visions to become innovative solutions whether it’s manufacturing electric cars, developing a new drug, or incorporating smart building systems. 

We also help diverse industries operate with utmost safety, accuracy, and efficiency. By providing them with access to specialized knowledge in gas use and welding techniques, they are more equipped to develop revolutionary products with outstanding features. 

Meeting Challenges Head-on Through Innovation and Cost Efficiency

From welding automation to delivery systems, our innovations help us meet high-volume demands from customers, address their complex welding challenges, and delegate high-risk processes to robotic systems. 

We also encourage cost efficiency to drive advancement in various industrial sectors.  Offering higher productivity and lower expenses, cost-efficiency gives our clients greater financial flexibility. This empowers them to reallocate resources towards assets that offer long-term growth like additional equipment, plants, and systems. 

nexAir is committed to proactively helping our customers achieve their goals by providing them with high-quality products, excellent customer service, and access to training.

To learn more about our role in driving industry advancements, visit our learning center


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