Is Hydrogen Considered the “Fuel of the Future?”

Is Hydrogen Considered the “Fuel of the Future?”

Is Hydrogen Considered the “Fuel of the Future?”

Without color, smell, or taste, hydrogen is an exceptional gas. Because it burns clean and burns easy, it’s often used in a variety of industries. In recent years, it’s emerged as a viable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels are a pillar for decarbonizing global energy efficiency. So, it comes as no surprise that there is a strong and growing demand for hydrogen. In fact, the momentum from sustainable energy is so strong that electrolyzer manufacturing operations have doubled from 2021 to 2022.
The worldwide demand for hydrogen will continue to grow over the years, with the global electrolyzer market projected to hit 8.52 gigawatts by 2026.

As hydrogen continues to gain ground in decarbonization efforts and our transition to sustainable energy, hydrogen can safely be considered the “fuel of the future.”

In this article, nexAir shares its hydrogen KnowHow™ and why it’s being touted as the “fuel of the future.” With full knowledge of hydrogen’s role in the coming years, you can successfully help your business Forge Forward and take advantage of hydrogen-related opportunities.

Explore the Benefits of Hydrogen-Powered Technology

Hydrogen is often hailed as an affordable, clean, and sustainable source of energy. Here are four reasons why the international community is choosing it over fossil fuels:

Zero Emissions from Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

The transportation sector remains heavily dependent on fossil fuels, so it’s no surprise that the industry contributes to 20% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Since hydrogen emissions are merely heat and water, hydrogen-powered vehicles are cleaner alternatives for the future of the industry.

Long Driving Range of Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are capable of traveling longer distances with less energy than regular fuel-powered vehicles. For example, the fuel-cell electric vehicle Toyota Mirai covered 845 miles without refueling on a roundtrip drive of Southern California.

The transportation sector continues to look into hydrogen-based technology so drivers can go twice the distance for half the gasoline costs.

Reduced Carbon Emissions in the Industrial Sector

Steel manufacturing, chemical production, and other industrial processes are known for being heavy on emissions. With the rise of hydrogen-powered technology and the use of clean energy, however, these sectors can gradually decarbonize and significantly reduce the harmful effects of fossil fuels. And considering how many sectors are embracing the use of hydrogen energy, its production cost will likely be more affordable in the coming years.

Easy Storage and Usage of Hydrogen Fuel

Even companies that have limited space or resources for wind and solar equipment can take advantage of carbon-free energy because hydrogen fuel is relatively easy to store, transport, and use. Energy companies thus continue to look for ways to make hydrogen more convenient and feasible for day-to-day operations.

Maximize the Use of Hydrogen with nexAir

Together with our nexAir KnowHow™, our premium gas products and welding supplies help you get closer to the future you envision for your business.

Streamline your processes with our combination of knowledge and technology. As a result, you can move forward with no holds barred, regardless of your industry. Get in touch with us today for more hydrogen information!

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