Let’s Dive into the Demand for Healthcare Gases and How nexAir Meets It

Let’s Dive into the Demand for Healthcare Gases and How nexAir Meets It

The medical gases market was already worth almost $14.2 billion in 2020. And at the time, industry analysis reports projected a 6.5% CAGR from 2021 to 2027, with a value projection of $22 billion. This projected growth is already on the horizon, primarily due to the industry’s dedication to expanding and improving healthcare infrastructure.

Other growth drivers of the medical gas industry include the rising geriatric population, the prevalence of different cancers and respiratory disorders, and the steadily increasing number of surgical procedures. Given these factors, it isn’t surprising why there is a heavy demand for healthcare gases.

Here at nexAir, we share valuable insights into the demand for healthcare gases and how we strive to meet your needs. As a result, you are more prepared and better equipped to face your unique industry challenges and reach your business goals.

What are the applications of gases in healthcare settings?

Doctors, nurses, and all other healthcare workers may have different duties and responsibilities in their day-to-day lives. But they share the same critical goal — to address and alleviate symptoms, improve and save the lives of every patient.

Individual skills, continuous learning, and the right medical tools and equipment all play a role in protecting the health and safety of your patients. But in addition to these elements, you undeniably also need healthcare gases in hospitals, clinics, dental offices, wound treatment centers, and home healthcare service companies.

Of course, there’s oxygen, which is used in various surgeries and trauma treatment situations. Carbon dioxide is often present in endoscopies, laparoscopies, and other minimally invasive surgeries. Nitrous oxide doubles as a pain reliever, and nitrogen freezes and preserves biological samples for testing. 

What are the most in-demand healthcare gases?

Oxygen has the highest demand simply because of its versatility and importance in any healthcare-related setting. Nitrogen is a close second because not only does it preserve biological samples — it also helps with the cleanup process.

Of course, there’s nitrous oxide or what people love to call “laughing gas.” It helps patients feel at ease throughout their procedure.

You can get these healthcare gases from nexAir’s FDA-compliant fill plants. You may also contact our in-house chemists to assist you with specialty mixes.

How does nexAir contribute to the healthcare gas industry?

At nexAir Healthcare, we understand that every task could be crucial to the health and well-being of your patients. Lives are, quite literally, on the line in your field of work. So as a medical gas supplier, we let you Forge Forward by ensuring you have the bulk gas supplies, cylinders, and oxygen and nitrogen systems your healthcare facility needs.

You can count on our team to transport, install, inspect, maintain, and monitor every aspect of your medical gas supply. This way, you can focus on giving your patients the attention and care they deserve. But not only do our products and solutions let you do your job well. It shows in the way you work, and this efficiency and capability that you demonstrate results in your patients’ safety, trust, and peace of mind. 

Get in touch with nexAir now for inquiries about healthcare gases!

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