LightWELD to Your Workshop: nexAir’s Portable Welding Tools at Your Fingertips

For metal fabricators looking to increase productivity and quality while reducing costs, nexAir offers an innovative portable welding solution – LightWELD 1500 Handheld Laser Welding System. With cutting-edge fiber laser technology, LightWELD enables dramatically faster welding compared to MIG or TIG, along with higher quality results, less distortion, and minimal post-processing. Fabricators and metal workers can now bring the power of industrial laser welding right to their workbench or production floor.

The LightWELD portable laser welder incorporates a 1500W ytterbium fiber laser to deliver both continuous wave and high peak power. The 1070nm wavelength allows precise welding of metals like steel, aluminum, copper, and dissimilar material combinations. Also, weld penetration depth is consistent across the full range of sheet metal, plate and tube. 

Compared to MIG or TIG welding, the LightWELD laser achieves far higher welding speeds. Complex parts can be joined in seconds versus minutes. The laser also produces neat, narrow welds only a few mm wide with minimal heat input. This leads to less part distortion and warping that would otherwise require straightening or machining.

The highly focused laser beam achieves deep penetration welds without undercut or burn-through. Edge quality is excellent for welds in all positions and orientations. Parts of varying thicknesses are joined easily in a single pass. And heat affected zones are dramatically reduced for less impact on base material properties.

Minimizing heat input also means faster production cycles. Parts can be handled sooner after welding without cracking or distortion. The reduced thermal stress lowers residual stress in the weld area as well. This leads to enhanced joint strength and fatigue resistance.

The handheld wobble welding head gives fabricators flexibility to weld complex assemblies right on the workbench. The 40mm collimating lens and 120mm focus lens create a tight 150um spot for high weld quality. Wobble motion ensures uniform penetration across the joint as a red guide beam aids joint alignment. 

The welding head has multiple user-changeable nozzles for different joint configurations. Planar welding, corner joints, and fillets are handled with ease. A safety control module incorporates, enables, and fire triggers, sensors, and indicators to prevent accidental lasing. Argon shielding gas protects the weld pool at up to 90psi as well.

With the intuitive lightweight welding gun, even new operators can master the LightWELD laser welder quickly. The process is easy to set up and control for repeatable, high-quality results. Operators avoid frustrated hours trying to perfect MIG or TIG welds. Additionally, scrap and rework caused by burn-through or warping are dramatically reduced.

By minimizing part deformation, the need for straightening operations or machining to final dimensions is practically eliminated. The narrow welds also require little or no touchup grinding. Overall, the laser welding workflow is simplified while productivity is enhanced.

Welders that add the versatile LightWELD laser to their welding equipment can take on more complex fabrication and repair jobs. Custom brackets, frames, enclosures, assemblies, and precision parts are all candidates for quality laser welding. Even heat-sensitive materials like titanium and dissimilar metal joints are reliably joined. 

Maintenance shops can repair cracked or broken components faster, with less distortion and downtime. And low-volume job shops can profitably handle short runs due to faster changeover. The laser welder’s small footprint takes up minimal space on a benchtop or cart.

To get started with LightWELD, nexAir offers complete portable laser welding package. Package includes the welder, handheld gun, clamps, nozzles, glasses, cables, and guides to have the LightWELD up and running quickly.

Weld Faster and More Efficiently with nexAir’s LightWELD

Bring the power of laser welding to your shop with the LightWELD 1500 Handheld Laser Welding System. Achieve faster, higher quality welds across more materials while reducing costs. With the latest laser welding technology right at your fingertips, forge ahead and take your fabrication capabilities to the next level. Meanwhile, discover other amazing welding products and equipment at nexAir today.

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