Mastering the Craft: How nexAir’s Industry Expertise Translates to Client Success



Mastering the Craft: How nexAir’s Industry Expertise Translates to Client Success



nexAir is more than just a gas and welding equipment provider. We began our journey as a supplier of welding gases and expanded into other related products several decades ago. After more than 80 years, we’ve become an authority in the industry. We are trusted by a long list of companies from various fields because of our history of excellence and forward-looking approach to the way we do business. 

The integrity of our products, our industry expertise, and our continuing support for our customers’ growth have made us partners, not simply suppliers. A testament to our expertise and longevity is our 2020 US Best Managed Companies Award for our success in business along with various media and industry recognitions through the years. 

The most valuable reward we receive is when we see our clients reaching new levels of growth with the help of our products and services.

We Never Rest on Our Laurels

We attribute our success and legacy to our culture of continuous improvement. We focus on people—the men and women behind the machines, systems, and gases we provide. 

We strive to offer the right products and services to the right customer at all times. This means understanding their challenges and providing optimal solutions so they can reduce their cost and address their challenges while maximizing their output and revenues without sacrificing quality.

Committed to Your Growth 

We don’t learn new technologies and techniques as well as conduct product research solely for the sake of growing our business. We do it so that we can provide more capabilities to our customers by teaching them what we know and helping them reach their growth potential. Our goal is to translate our industry expertise to client success. We grow our business so we can help others grow too.  

We do this mainly by prioritizing our KnowHow so we can help customers Forge Forward.  

nexAir KnowHow for Next-Level Capabilities

nexAir does not simply provide advice to our clients and then leave them to their own devices. We conduct a thorough evaluation of our customers’ pain points and show them the right products, techniques, systems, and technologies to address their issues and enhance their productivity. 

Our team of experts offers training in the following:

  • Laser welding and cutting systems
  • CNC-controlled cutting tables
  • State-of-the-art pulsed-TIG, MIG, sub-arc equipment, and MIG welding
  • Robotic work cells
  • Robotic positioning equipment
  • Plasma cutting systems
  • Automation systems

Forge Forward to Success

Armed with knowledge and skills, we provide our clients with the confidence and capabilities to chart their growth so they are ready for future challenges and opportunities. Whether it’s a more efficient use of industrial gas, welding proficiency, enhanced inventory management through our system, greater knowledge of cost-saving techniques, or a smooth transition to automation, we’re always happy to see our clients reaching and even exceeding their targets. 

Knowledge is power. In business, it’s an advantage to companies that are constantly on the lookout for the best way to do things. It puts them ahead of the competition and positions them better for the future.

We invite you to leverage our expertise so you, too, can experience and sustain a new level of growth with nexAir by your side.

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