Maximizing Efficiency: How nexAir’s Gas Solutions Drive Productivity


One of the things that makes nexAir different is the critical nature of the supplies we provide. Industries—like healthcare, scientific research, aerospace, chemicals, manufacturing, food and beverage, packing, welding and fabrication, and automotive—need precise products for their operational success.

Achieving optimal productivity relies on ultra-pure, medical, and industrial-grade gases. Anything less can affect the quality of the work, compromise worker safety, and consequently influence output. 

These industries’ success hinges on the quality of their raw materials and the efficiency of processes which is why nexAir consistently strives to meet their exact requirements.

nexAir Solutions

We ensure every product is FDA-compliant. Only the most qualified professionals handle our quality assurance assessments. No product leaves our plants and distribution centers without passing through the keen inspection of our engineers, technicians, and chemical experts. 

Our production, storage, and delivery processes are streamlined. They are designed to adapt to the needs of our customers. Given the nature of the industries we serve, most of our shipments need to comply with stringent and unique specifications.

Hence, nexAir provides customizable options based on our clients’ technical requirements, preferred quantities, schedules, and storage facilities.

Welding Equipment Solutions

The same dedication applies to our welding equipment. We offer automation tools and techniques that enable higher outputs per cycle while offering superior quality, consistency, and precision. This means less downtime, lighter workloads, and sustainable efficiency for our customers. 

Our solutions include robotic welding systems, CNC plasma cutting products, laser welding products, welding positioners, and the state-of-the-art Hercules Welding System. These tools complement our welding gases, enabling manufacturing and fabrication companies to supercharge their performance safely and effectively. 

Customer Service That Promotes Productivity

Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful round-the-clock customer service empowers our customers to safeguard and maximize their operations. Whether they need technical support, delivery tracking, or time-sensitive solutions, nexAir remains accessible and responsive to various needs.

nexAir’s omnichannel customer service allows us to foster collaborative and positive relationships with our customers. This helps minimize potential supply gaps, site storage issues, production downtimes, safety concerns, and other challenges that impact performance. 

Our customers understand that we have systems in place to support their needs. These include our state-of-the-art nexTrack system, an integrated solution that combines Roadnet, Advanced Cylinder Management, and TIMS electronic delivery.  Together, they enhance efficiency, the customer experience, and visibility.

NexAir KnowHow: Raise Productivity With Our Applied Industry Knowledge

Knowing how to use our gas supplies is key to productive and safe operations. Our specialized KnowHow empowers our clients to learn about the latest tools and techniques in gas applications, welding, and fabrication. 

We invest in modern demonstration laboratories and assign our seasoned specialists to train our customer’s personnel. 

Empowering your workforce with applied industry knowledge enhances their confidence and performance. Educating your workforce, ensuring their safety in the workplace, and providing them with advanced tools that improve precision, speed, and work quality can boost your productivity. 

Forge Forward Towards New Levels of Productivity 

To do great things, you need the right tools and equipment. With nexAir’s supplies, you can Forge Forward unhindered. We have an intimate understanding of the precision our clients need from us and we strive to deliver exactly what’s required each and every time.

Step into the future with a reliable vendor you can always count on. Realize new levels of productivity with nexAir. 

Contact us and let nexAir know your specific requirements.


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